My Favourite Cards For Equaliser Battles


Hey Splinterlands fans

Hows the battles raging on? We're 7 days away from the next end of the season and a batch of new rewards and I've been getting my daily reward battles on. One of my favourite battles is Equaliser theme, it's one of those that encourage you to change your strategy and think about the placement of your monsters.

What is Equaliser

The initial health of all monsters is equal to the monster on either team with the highest base health. This means that I've one monster has a base health of 10 and that is the highest, then all monsters will have a base health of 10.

This can create a real power dynamic as certain monsters are heavy hitters or low on manna but their health is low so you're always taking a gamble with them. When the equaliser is in play, you remove that gamble and you can see the best of those monsters abilities on display and it sets the tone for some epic battles.

For new players who do not have the best deck, the equaliser can put the cat among the pigeons and it leans towards cards with low health being leveraged.


My favourite monsters for Equaliser battles

There are certain monsters who seem to have a better go of it under Equaliser battles and these are my favourite.

Exploding Dwarf - My Favourite

Exploding Dwarf

This one is without a doubt my favourite, the Exploding Drawf only has 1 health point normally but is the very definition of a heavy hitter.

5 Attack and 6 Speed make it a complete beast but it also has special abilities such as piercing which eliminates armour, explode which hits additional monsters with damage.

This monster also has retaliate, so if he is attacked he hits back, so with extended health which I've had up to 10 at times, can make this monster a team knock out a specialist.

Vampire - My Second favourite


The Vampire is an absolute beast in equaliser since it has insane speed at 7 and a strong attack at 3 so it dishes out a lot of damage pretty quickly. The vampire's flight ability drives better evading of attacks and its leach only improves its health as rounds go on.

Death monsters

Soul Storm


In death, I do prefer using Soulstorm since its 5 speed and 3 damage make it a long-range ass-kicker along with its flying ability means that It has better avoiding of attacks at times.

Undead Badger

Undead Badger

I think the strength of the undead badger lies in its speed and the sneak attack, which means it can attack from any position so it can dish out a few hits before it's taken out. Unfortunately, with 1 attack that damage is limited.


Not the best monster but it can come in handy with its opportunity ability it can get out and hit a monster from any position, it has limited speed and attacks so I don't often bank on this one, will depend on my manna limits.


Screaming Banshee

This monster can often dish out loads of damage even with a low-speed output and having no abilities, its 2 magic damage means its great for those battles where your opponent has shielded monsters.

Screaming Banshee

Life Monsters


This one may be a weird pick since it cannot attack but a good defence may be a better strategy at times. If your Truth Speaker has additional health and provides all your monsters with the additional shield it can reduce damage as rounds go paste and buy you that extra attack opportunity you may need.


Silvershield Archers

Silvershield Archers

They might not have the best damage or speed but with additional health from equaliser they can pick off a few monsters since its snipe ability allows it to attack ranged or magic monsters and with its double strike can eliminate possible threats from distance.

Earth Monsters



The Brownie is a major ass-kicker in Equaliser with its speed at 5 and swiftness giving it a speed of 6 along with inspire giving ti an attack of 2 it can dish out serious damage. Having additional health also allows its abilities to last longer for helping your team with the additional speed and melee attack point as long as its own the field.

Child of the Forrest

Child of the forrest

Child of the forests speed makes it a real asset for attacks from distance and with additional health it as more time in battle to take out monsters. Its snipe ability also helps you nullify potential attacks from distance.

Fire Monsters

Serpentine SpySpark PixiesFire Elemental
Serpentine SpySpark PixiesFire elemental

Serpentine Spy

The Serpentine spy has a decent speed attribute at 4 and 2 attack makes it a decent hitter but when combined with is opportunity ability it can dish out damage to possible distance threats or soften up upcoming heavy hitters if it has enough health to stick around.

Spark Pixies

Spark Pixies are a low key favourite of mine, I think I'll use it more as I level mine up and get some more damage points from it. The speed at 5 is the kicker for me and it dishes out reasonable damage, the flight ability also helps the evade so it can spare some health and remain around longer.

Fire Elemental

The fire elemental is also a hot take, if it could also increase its damage to 3 or 4 in the future it will be a favourite of mine. The 5 speed helps get damage out the gates fast and its explode makes sure it dish out additional damage to other monsters which is super helpful.

Neutral Monsters

Furious ChickenEnchanted PixieEnchanted Defender
Furious ChickenEnchanted PixieEnchanted Defender

Furious Chicken

The best part of this monster is it costs you zero manna but when its got high health from equaliser it can do some sick damage since once it starts taking hits its damage will increase its attack and speed and the furious chicken can start taking out teams on its own.

Enchanted Pixie

Pretty average I'd say unless you have a magic increase from your summoner, its flight gives it some evading qualities but other than that not much going here, but okay for 3 manna.

Enchanted Defender

I like to use the Enchanted Defender if I've got ranged and magic heavy hitters in my team. Its 6 shields + additional health is great and if you can combine it with something like Truthspeaker, divine healer and armour smith, then this monster has near-infinite ability to take damage.

This will buy you enough time to take out any monster while they try to bring down your defender. It also has an attack of 2 so it can slowly weaken monsters while your range and magic do the real damage.

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Thanks! Yeah rule sets surly shake things up and make those daily quests anybodies game