Splinterlands Weekly Battle Contest - Opportunity Theme


Hello Everyone,


Here goes another blog on the Weekly Share Your Battle from Splinterlands.

As we know by now, this week's theme is an ability rather than the monster which use to feature every week.

And the ability is Opportunity.

Opportunity ability allows a monster to be able to attack from any position and always targets the monster with lowest health.



This was a battle with 27 mana limit and battle types for this battle were Silenced Summoners(No blufs from Summoners) and Broken Arrow (No ranged attacks monsters allowed).


The monsters I used in the order are as below:

As usual, I positioned Flesh Golem in the first position(let me remind you, Earth is my favorite and most leveled up Splinter ;) ) again for it's healing and melee attack ability.

Included a Minotaur Warrior in second position as an ally for Flesh Golem and also since this is a reach ability monster.

Third on the lineup was out Opportunity monster i.e. Screeching Vulture, needless to say much about this.

Healer ability monster of Wood Nymph was next on lineup and again healer is very much required in all the battles.

Fifth monster here was Goblin Sorcerer as I thought of attacking from the back end as well with this 2 magic attack monster.

Last on the lineup was Magi of the Forest again for it's 2 magic attack.

Opponent too used Fire Splinter and his lineup included Flesh Golem followed by Brownie, Spirit Miner, Mushroom Seer**, Wood Nymph and Goblin Sorcerer.

So, that is how the lineups fared and Both Flesh Golem were ready to bear the attack and attack back!!!

Round 1:

Since there wasn't Javelin Thrower in the lineup, Screeching Vulture was the one with highest speed and started by attacking the speed booster Brownie to bring the speed of opponent's monsters back to normal.

Barring Brownie, no other monsters got removed in this round as both the Flesh Gomlems were able to see off the attack from all the monsters and Wood Nymph re-instated some health.


Round 2:

Screeching Vulture this time, accounted for Goblin Sorcerer bringing the opponent's monster count to 4.


Round 3:

No monster got removed in this round but the health kept on reducing for front and few other monsters like *Mushroom Seer because of Opportunity monster Screeching Vulture.


Round 4:

Round 4 saw end of 2 monsters for opponent as Screeching Vulture removed Mushroom Seer and that reinstated full magic attack for Goblin Sorcerer and Magi of the Forest and immediately, Wood Nymph's 2 health was zeroed by Goblin Sorcerer.


With Flesh Golem and Spirit Miner left for opponent, it was getting tougher for him and this round saw both of those monsters getting removed by the monsters I lined up.


Did your strategy work? What will you try differently next time?

Yes, it worked nice and none of my monsters lost in this battle and each took part of in this battle and accounted for the win. So, I don't think of any change in the lineup.

Do you use OPPORTUNITY often? Why or why not?

Yes, I do use the Opportunity monsters a lot and that is because of the freedom it brings in using a melee monster at any position and always target those low health monsters which can be dangerous.

That is all this time from me guys, see you in the new weekly challenge again.

Splinterlands is a card based Blockchain game and rewards it's users in the form of Crypto Currency viz. DEC for playing the games called as battles.

It's all fun while earning some Crypto.

Not yet tried Splinterlands? You can join using this link and have some fun.

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