Cube of Peace (or Gelatinous Warrior)

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"A card with no attack and no abilities? It's totally useless... This was I thought the first time I saw the stats of the Peaceful Giant and I couldn't be more wrong! It wasn't long before this neutral card became a solid tank, which even today is eventually used and with nice battles.

Although, the Peaceful Giant is not the first card with the peculiarity of not possessing any kind of attack. Since the alpha we have the Angel of Light, this card possessed very good abilities that made it a very useful card and not only a meat sack. But being a legendary card it is seen very little in action.

Since then the "No attack" cards have evolved a lot. The arrival of Lord Arianthus marked a before and after in Splinterlands and little by little it became one of the best cards of the game and one of the most used, even in spite of being a somewhat expensive card, but its effectiveness in the battlefield is well worth it... or better perhaps... we get a card with a similar function but much more economical, I mean the immortal Gelatinous Cube.


The "No attack" Cards

Some "No attack" monsters acquire attack points as they level up, as is the case of Furious Chicken or the Armorsthmith. For the purposes of this analysis I will only put in this classification those monsters that have no attack at all even when they reach the maximum level.

The life splinter cards are characterized by being very defensive, it is natural that many non-attack monsters belong to this splinter, there we find the Angel of Life, the Warrior of Peace and the Truthspeaker. The neutral monsters also have a significant amount of non-attack monsters like Lord Arianthus, the Gelatinous Cube and the Peaceful Giant. Then several splinters possess only one non-attacking monster, the Shadowy Presence (Death), the Failed Summoner (Earth) and the Albatross (Water). The Fire Splinter is the only faction that does not possess a monster with these characteristics.

Let's look at some statistics from these cards :

As we can see, generally the cards without attack have a good winrate, all this nine cards are playable and recommended acquisitions for our collection.

Something that caught my attention is that it seems that the Cube and Lord A have the lowest winrates among the non-attack cards, however, Lord Arianthus is quite used, we can see it in one out of every three battles of the champion league and it still has a winrate above 50%, is the preferred tank of the great majority.

The relatively new cards of Shadowy presence and warrior of peace, despite being tested very little are outlined as very solid cards to occupy an important place in our collection.

"Remember that for the calculation of these statistics only the battles where the monsters have the minimum level for their league are taken into account, nowadays it is possible to classify up to diamond league with level 1 cards, for that reason the great majority of the stored statistics are part of the Champion League."

Let's now look at a battle involving two team monsters with no attack:

The line up

Kiara Lihtgbinger
One of the most affordable summoners in the game, while not providing a bonus, has a low mana cost.
Warrior of Peace
A very peaceful card, it has a good amount of life points a couple of debuffs and a good speed that helps it avoid some hits.
Gelatinous Cube
This card is immortal, the combination of scavenger + heal is ridiculously perfect.
Silvershield Assasin
From here we began to place some damage dealers on the team, and well, th e Assasin is an expert at doing damage.
Divine Sorceress
It's always good to have some magic attack in the team, the divine sorceress will do this job.
Silvershield Bard
This card will give speed to the team in addition to removing negative states.
Highland Archer
And finally, some long-range attack.

The Battle

The strategy work?

I won, but I must admit that it was not the best battle, the enemy Screeching Vulture made and broke at will with no one to stop it! However my team did just enough to stay on their feet for as long as necessary so that later only the Gelatinous Cube was left against two enemies, from there the battle belonged to the immortal cube and there was nothing to do for the enemy team.

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