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The Armorsmith of Khymeria has very good base stats for its 2 mana cost, but this card stands out mainly for its ability which was very new at the time, you can say that it is in the right splinter, the synergy with cards like Tyrus Paladium, Defender of Truth or the Truthspeaker is very good. To all this we can add that it is a very economical card for all the playability it offers, so do not hesitate to recruit the Armorsmith to serve you in battle.

Armorsmith abilities

This is the only ability that the Armorsmith possesses and possibly doesn't need any other skill, it repairs 2 points of armor to an allied monster every turn, this monster can be in any position, which makes this skill very versatile.

Some statistics

According to the Splinterlands Meta Snapshot, The Armorsmith has beautiful battle statistics, is a popular card, used in the top leagues of the ranked mode approximately 3.66% of the time with an enviable overall winrate of 55.02% and totally detached in rulesets with Lost Magic where it gets to win 71.57% of the time. Of course there are rulesets where it does not do very well as in Unprotected where obviously the armorsmith loses all its utility and has a winrate of just 16.66%

Let's see the Armorsmith in action with the following team.

The line up

Kiara Lightbringer
Of course, I'd like to use Tyrus to get the most out of the Armorsmith's ability, but my Kiara is at maximum level, so I can get the most out of the cards in general.
crystaljaguar.png Crystal Jaguar
This card seems to me decent for its mana cost, it has a shield that can be repaired by the Armorsmith and the thorns ability that will cause damage to melee enemies that manage to hit it.
silvershieldwarrior.png Silvershield Warrior
Another card forgotten by providence, it has a shield and can attack from second position, good properties to apply our strategy.
babyunicorn.png Baby Unicorn
this little fella gives a point of life to the whole team as well as an important point of speed, and I love speed.
divinesorceress.png Divine Sorceress
It is time to put some damage on the board, and we will entrust this priestess with some of that responsibility.
armorsmiht.png Armorsmith
The star of the week, his main task will be to repair the allied shields in every turn, hopefully he will stand out with the ruleset with Armored Up.
highlandarcher.png Highland Archer
and we end up with a basic archer to try to do a little more damage.

The Battle

The strategy work?

The enemy was clever in placing a couple of snipe cards which could knock down my damage dealers relatively easily, however the Armorsmith was able to fulfill its job uninterruptedly repairing the armor of the Crystal Jaguar in each turn keeping it up until the end of the battle.

The Armorsmith's work made it possible for a team which had lost its main source of damage, to win.

Thanks for taking the time to read my post & don't hesitate to leave your comment, see you at the game.

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