My first Gold Foil Legendary (Lord of fire) Weeeeeeee!!!!!


It was a Tuesday 21st of April when I decided to open several orbs that I had gathered, I didn't want to open them until I had the amount of potions needed for a maximum chance of getting legendary and/or golden cards.

While waiting patiently for the poker freeroll to start I decided to try my luck, it was a total of 6 orbs and 30 potions from each class, I know, it is a very modest amount, but it was the necessary one to get this...

This is the first legendary gold card I get in the game and I am very happy to that be one of the promo class, we all know that these cards are very valuable and very playable, I am so in love with the card that I thought to use it, although selling it would serve me a lot to strengthen my collection, anyway, I will play with it a little for a few days to arouse envy in my opponents.

The GF Lord of Fire was not the only legendary card to come, I also got a Minotaur Warlord, a very powerful card too. And a golden Undead Archer, in short, my orbs threw the house out of the window.

According to my orbs returned a value of $93,726 a very generous reward for enjoying this great game

Play Splinterlands

If you live in a cave far away from civilization and you haven't heard about Splinterlands, I indicate you that it is the best collectible card game based on Blockcahin in which you are the real owner of the cards you collect and these have a value in crypts, I invite you to be part of this experience in Splinterlands

Thanks for reading my post and don't hesitate to leave your comment. See you in the game.

The images used in this post belong to or are inspired by Splinterlands. a TCG game integrated to the STEEM Blockchain.

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Very exciting post! I never thought about saving up orbs until I have enough potions and such to take full advantage. $90K is a lot of cash! This post will keep me motivated while I'm getting my rear end handed to me on the battlefield! Thanks! I'm going to share your post in one of mine!


Using the potions on orbs is much more profitable than using them on the reward cards.


Oh cool thanks