The Goblin Meeeh - weekly battle challenge


Last year I fulfilled another Goblin Mech battle challenge, with this monstrous machine made of metal and goblins, since then I have been using this card much more than before due to the increase of mana in the battles, this week is Goblin Mech challenge again.


The Goblin Mech is a powerful card, but a slow one, so it is always good to try to make synergy with one or more cards that modify the attack speed.

Goblin Mech abilities

This ability helps to take advantage of the Mech's large damage points, no shield will stop it
skill available from level 6, it has become very demanded since the exit of the Heavy Hitters rule, it's the best, just try to make your Goblin Mech fast enough not to be stunned first.

Some statistics

According to my metagame stats site, the Goblin Mech has been used during this month by 3.71% and has won 41.05% of the times it's part of a team, the rule under which it has a better performance is "Super Sneak" (the sneaky mech is real) under this rule it has managed to win 46.93% of the times. Ok, these numbers don't look very flashy.

Let's see the Goblin Mech in action.

The line up

Daria Dragoscale
This summoner will increase the melee attack points of the Goblin Mech and the whole team in general
Goblin Mech
First potion, trying to do as much damage as possible and withstand enemy attacks with their shield.
She will assist the Goblin Mech in generating damage to the enemy team.
Silvershield Assasin
I love this card, it'll take care of annihilating the enemy's rear.
To repair the Goblin Mech's shields and help it withstand the damage better.
Baby Unicorn
His mission will be to increase the life and speed of the team.
Although this card is barely level one, it is so powerful that I decided to use it, it will attract attacks with opportunity towards him, while supporting him with his shield, which can well be repaired by the Armorsmith

The Battle

The strategy work?

Despite the speed buff the Goblin Mech missed a couple of attacks, it still lasted long enough thanks to the Armorsmith repairs, meanwhile the Silvershield Assassin ended up with half the enemy team by itself, and it should actually be the star of this battle instead of the mech.

The strategy worked so well that it was not necessary for the shieldbearer to have action.

Thanks for reading my post and don't hesitate to leave your comment. See you in the game.

The images used in this post belong to or are inspired by Splinterlands. a TCG game integrated to the STEEM Blockchain.

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