Triple Blast

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Generally the cards that have the blast ability are offensive cards that remind us that fire can do a lot of damage and that this damage expands if the flames are not controlled. With this skill, instead of hurting only one enemy, we can damage two or even three opponents every time we attack.

This ability can do a lot of damage in rulesets with Heavy Hitters where it does double damage if the attacking opponent is stunned or Target Practice in the case of a ranged card. Super Sneak or Melee Mayhem are also good rules to use cards with this ability when they are melee cards.

The cards with Blast

This ability appeared since the Alpha edition and at first it was something exclusive, only present in a few epic or legendary cards like the Elemental Phoenix or the Screaming Banshee. But over time it became more available with the arrival of new editions we could see very good cards and very affordable with this skill as for example the Pirate Archer or the Exploding Dwarf.

As expected this skill is present mostly in the fire splinter cards, which are part of most of the cards with Blast, even the only summoner that has as a bonus add Blast to all the monsters of our team, the legendary Yodin Zaku, a beast card.


Statistically speaking and except for Zaku, the Blast skill performs better on monsters belonging to other splinters than fire, especially the water splinter where all his blast cards have a great winrate. This called my attention a lot, but even so I don't trust completely the statistics to say that the blasters of the fire team are bad cards, we have to take into account that this splinter generally has a winrate a little low and personally I think it's because many times the players don't know how to take advantage of summoners like Malric Inferno or Pyre.

Let's look at some statistics of some of the best cards with the Blast ability:

High Priest Darius
Legendary magic attack card that acquires Blast at level 3. Currently the monster with the best win rate among all the cards with Blast, although it is very little used, only 0.42%, its win rate of 62.82% shows that we are in front of a very solid card.

Electric Eels
A rare Promo edition card, quite affordable, acquires blast from level 5 and combines this skill with Reach which allows it to attack from a second line despite being a melee card. It can be seen in battle 3.94% of the time and wins approximately 53.66% of the time it is used.

Ruler of the Seas
A reference card of the water splinter, it has Blast natively and combines it with very good stats, it is quite used to be a legendary card 8.39% and with a very good performance, winning 53.46% of the times it is used.

Pirate Archer
Even though these cards are no longer printed it is still very affordable for everything it offers, for just two points of mana a Ranged attack card with Blast as a unique ability. Used 5.28% of the time and with a win rate of 52.1%.

Gold Dragon
Fearsome legendary card that accompanies us from the alpha, acquires Blast at level 3, has a very good winrate of 52.7% and we see it in battle 9.22% of the time (at the right levels for its league, which most of the time means Champion league).

Lightning Dragon
Another classic, a little less used than the Gold dragon but still very lethal, has a winrate of 50.55% and is used a 4.31% of the time.

Explodin Dwarf
I had to comment at least one card from the fire splinter, even though it has a winrate below 50% it is an excellent card used under the right conditions, it has very good melee attack points and a good speed.

"Remember that for the calculation of these statistics only the battles where the monsters have the minimum level for their league are taken into account, nowadays it is possible to classify up to diamond league with level 1 cards, for that reason the great majority of the stored statistics are part of the Champion League."

Let's now look at a battle involving three team monsters with the Blast ability:

The line up

Talia Firestorm
One of the most affordable summoners at this level, while not providing a bonus, has a low mana cost.
Pit Ogre
Void, Stun, Rage... seriously, why is this monster so unused? It's a little beast!.
Gremlin Blaster
Another card that is also unusual to see in battle, his Blast and Stun abilities convinced me to give him a chance.
Furious Chicken
A must-have card in the team as it is free to use.
Exploding Dwarf
This dwarf will do great damage to the enemy.
I've been trying this card for a while and I really liked it, long-range attack, blast ability and low mana cost.

The Battle

The strategy work?

While 2 of my monsters attacked the enemy cube, the rest of the team concentrated on hurting the enemy's rear. As expected, the Exploding Dwarf did a lot of damage to the enemy team while the Pit Ogre defeated the Cube before it got stronger and the Crustacean King started healing it 999999 hp per turn. Despite his low attack the Gremlin Blaster contributed a little thanks to his stun and the Pyromancer contributed with some damage deal.

So in general the strategy worked very well, maybe I could have positioned the monsters better, put the chicken in first or last line to see it angry, equally the Exploding Dwarf. In the end the habit ended up affecting the alignment, which could have been a little better, maybe.

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