Beatrix Ironhand impressions

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The 9th Untamed airdrop card has been revealed for the Splinterlands Card Game and it's none other than Beatrix Ironhand, Revealed! What does this mean for the future of Untamed and Untamed + Dice tournaments? What can it do with all card sets? That's what we're here to discuss.

First of all, Beatrix Ironhand is not a tank. That is only half-obvious, because she does have thorns. Of course, her new ability Close Range allows us to pick her in the first position in a low-mana battle, but more often than not, we shouldn't. She's too fragile and too slow at the same time, meaning she will get nearly instantly killed as soon as the fight begins. She might not get a chance to attack! So she will usually not excel at being in the first position, even in the no-melee ruleset.

The place where she does excel is at the far-end of your monster line up. Having enough damage and speed to attack enemy tanks won't be a problem, all the while she beats down sneak attackers. She's a great card in general, but she'll shine a lot brighter in lower mana, no-magic battles as your main winning condition. Something like Wizard of Eastwood, Biceratops, Horny Toad, Failed Summoner, Tower Griffin, Goblin Dartling, and Beatrix Ironhand would be ideal, using only as much as 23 mana. That's a strategy focusing all kinds of attacks only on the enemy tank, thanks to massive damage. It's also supported by extra armor from Tower Griffin to make sure everyone attacks before actually dying to focus fire or opportunity monster, while also resisting snipes and sneak attacks, mitigated by Fallen Summoner and Beatrix herself.

That should be the top Untamed + Dice team for her. It is particularly strong against a Death Splinter match up, because they rely too much on Undead Badger and Maggots, which will kill themselves against Beatrix, but it should overcome all other splinters, as Earth is supposed to be the number one splinter in no-magic battles, as both of the available rare summoners (dice and untamed) suggest.

As far as all-editions battling goes, she's now the top monster for the monster in the last position in your team, as long as it's made up of six monsters, even if you have to include a Furious Chicken and a Creeping Ooze or a Brownie to get this set up. 20~30 mana total is ideal here. All things considered, she is absolutely a must-have from now on, unlike our not-so-popular previous release, the Lensmaster.

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