SplinterLands Q&A Series 4:: What is GUILDS all About, Can you Explain?


Hello My Dear SplinterMates;


Welcome to the Fourth Series of SplinterLands Q&A. And this 4th Q&A Series; I'm going to talk more about GUILDS & How players can benefit from Joining or being part of any GUILD..


In SplinterLands game the Guild allows players with the common interest join together to take advantage of currently two things and many more that would be added in the game as it progresses.


When a Player joins a Guild; then based on the Guild Hall & Quest Lodge levels the benefits are given


So in this example; refer the image above - the Guild Hall is at level 5 and requires another 57K DEC to unlock level 6. At the current level 5 of Guild Hall, the benefit the Guild members get is that at the max 19 members can be part of the Guild. Following image depicts the same and provides more information tied to GUILD HALL:-

and the other benefit is on the Building Limit level rewards that we will look into now.



Continuing further with our example where we assume that a player has joined GUILD where they are @ GUILD HALL level 5 - which means that they get the current benefits:-

DEC BONUS:: +5% &&



Hence, overall its good for a player to Join GUILDS to take full advantages of the benefits being given out..

I've also created a video on the same. Where, I talk more about GUILDS, how to join, creating NEW GUILD, the benefit you get joining the GUILD... ANd everything you need to know about GUILDS...

Check out the Video here::-


Everything You Need to Know About GUILDS

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