SplinterLands:: Share Your Battle Challenge:: With NECTAR QUEEN


Hi SplinterMates,

For this week's Battle Share Contest Organised by the SplinterLands Team; details can be found @Weekly Splinterlands Battle Share:: We have the Theme NECTAR QUEEN - which is an Earth Monster.


To date, frankly speaking, I didn't explore Nectar Queen abilities and its today that I'm going to the level up the 20 cards that I've gained so far.


I'm going to combine all these cards - which brings Nectar Queen card at level 3 and I'm another 10 cards short to bring this Queen at Level 4.

Let us first have a look at the Stats of this Card Nectar Queen


And it shows that at level 4, I get extra health, I had some DEC with me so I bought 10 Cards of Nectar Queen to bring it to level 4


Though; I would have loved to have this Queen at level 6 - thereby unlocking the RETALIATE Ability, but not now and maybe some other time I'll try getting to Level 6

Finally comes the **Nectar Queen** **POISON** Ability at Max level; but you will need to combine 400 cards to have this Queen at Max level. For now, I'm going to explore this card at level 4 and see how it goes on the battlefield and in near future will try building/increasing the level of the card.This was a bit of background about the Card Nectar Queen and where my card level stands wrt. to it and at what level I'm going to battle with it.




Currently am battling at the Diamond I league & short close to 150 points to reach Champion III league - Normally battles at Diamonds and above leagues get interesting as we get to see many hidden cards or I must say GEM cards being brought to the battle with their Max level...In more simple words the opponents which you get matched too at these league levels are stronger players and they do hold very good cards - so the battles get interesting and you definitely need to have a good strategy around to defeat your opponent and YES you can defeat them with a good strategy even if they hold good cards or cards at MAX level.. Just that your strategy should strike and your opponent should fall prey into it.



The Battle rule was Melee Attack monsters can attack from any position and it was a 25 Mana Cap Battle..



SELENIA SKY is my one of the best summoners and it being at Max level gives me an added advantage of choosing dragon and other monsters at their max level. Also its +1 RANGED ATTACK is a Bonus on the battle-field..

The Monsters Line-Up::


First to go was FLESH GOLEM - I like its healing ability a lot and it always comes to your reuse when you just need that extra health to fight your opponent. I have this GOLEM at level 8; hence you get the VOID ability as well which reduces the damage from the magic attack. Hence, If you know that your opponent most of the time uses magic attack then GOLEM should be one fo your monster to go within the battle. My opponent did have a magic attack monster and his attack was null on Mr. GOLEM.


Here comes the NECTAR QUEEN at the second position. She is strong having 4 Melee attack damage along with 12 health - the only problem is that she has a higher Manna Cap and at 9, I think its a bit higher - should have been perfect card at Manna Cap 6. I was able to increase the Melee attack of my Queen with the help BROWNIE inspire ability, hence I was able to accommodate the higher Manna Cap of NECTAR QUEEN


BROWNIE ability of swiftness and inspire just is too amazing & the beauty of this card is that its just 1 Manna Cap monster card that makes all your other monster cards stronger. As it did for all my Melle monsters NECTAR QUEEN, FLESH GOLEM && CREEPING OOZE giving them an extra Melle damage ability and other monsters an extra swift ability. It simply just enhances the power of all your monster cards in some manner. So BROWINE was added for that purpose only to get some extra abilities.


OOZE - was lined up next. I know you might be thinking that why am I choosing all the low manna cap monsters. But my dear friend you cannot underestimate their abilities - OOZE slowing down the speed of the opponents monsters gives your monster cards the upper hand and that is the strategy I took in this battle to slow down the speed of my opponent monsters & OOZE was a perfect fit here.


With Swamp Thing monster coming in Next; I planned to further reduce the enemy health and speed again. I've SWAMP at level 5 and it gives me both these abilities to reduce the speed and health. If you play the game regularly you know how important it is SPEED & HEALTH on the battlefield. A low speed along with low health could be the main reason for your defeat, so be sure to use SWAMP in your battle if you are sensing that your opponent normally relies on SPEED & HEALTH ability.


Finally, comes the gigantic TREE with its healing ability the EARTH ELEMENTAL having at the end was for a dual purpose; an answer to the opponent if he is gonna attack from backward using Melee monsters and the second advantage of using EARTH ELEMENTAL was that I was able to get an extra range attack using my SELENIA SKY Summoner - which gives monsters +1 range attack further; so with +4 Range attack, the real damage was well planned for the opponent.



Have Look at the Battle Fought :: Here


YES - my strategy did work very well. This time my strategy was around making the opponent monster weak.Yes I mean really weak so that my monsters get the first chance of doing the damage. If you would have carefully looked at my line-up it clearly shows that I'm planning on reducing the enemy SPEED & HEALTH abilities as much as I can. Therefore using OOZE && Swamp Thing monster the real damage was already planned and rest was taken care of by my Queen - NECTAR & FLESH GOLEM AND not to forget EARTH ELEMENTAL heavy lifting by 4 Ranged damage each time.


As mentioned at the beginning of the post, I normally haven't used NECTAR QUEEN and this is for the first time that I first leveled up the 20 Cards I had and further went on buying 10 more cards to bring it at level 4 to battle with it & you also the result by now.ME Winning the BATTLE. Whats' plan next with my QUEEN - I am planning to further raise its level to 6 as the opportunity comes by since I'm really looking forward to having its RETALIATE ability as well..I will update you next time in my other posts to come..

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See You @ The Battle Field - May the POWERS be with You!!

Cheers & Thank You!!!

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Excellent post!
I actually just leveled mine to 6 to try it out. I think retaliate will make it pretty awesome.