SplinterLands:: Share Your Battle Challenge:: With SERPENTINE SPY - The Intelligent SPY


Hi Dear - SplinterMates,

For this week's Battle Share Contest Organised by the SplinterLands Team; details can be found @Weekly Splinterlands Battle Share:: For this week challenge we have the THEME: SERPENTINE SPY



Lets talk about a bit on this card - SERPENTINE SPY I like the opportunity ability that this card has. As it can attack from any position and gives you the chance of killing enemy monsters with lower health. The advantage that you get here is that the lineup of your enemy is getting destroyed early - which means the heavy weight monsters can be attacked from your front lineup monsters and the low health monsters of your enemy is taken care off by SERPENTINE SPY -

Fortunately; I was lucky to have SERPENTINE SPY Gold card at level 3 with Opportunity ability to explore in the battle field. It does have Posion ability as well but for that, you need to have 38 cards to be combined. For now, I'm happy with the card level that I've and will try using a strategy so that I can embark a victory..So come lets see what happens in the battle.



As you can see that; it was 13 mana battle with rules being::
Slienced Summoners and Lost Magic. I'm a bit hesitant in playing with the rule where its lost magic because I've noticed that I normally tend to lose matches when this ruleset is in place. I do need to work upon adjusting my strategy with the ruleset "Lost Magic".

Normally low mana battles are tricky and you need to be damn sure which card will best work for you a single wrong selection and lead to losing the battle. So far all good and now let's look into why I choose Summoner Marlic InFerno and my monster line up details along with the strategy used.


I could have chosen other Fire Summoners like PYRE, TALIA FIRESTORM OR PLADO EMBERSTORM but went with MALRIC INFERNO because of two reasons. First being that I've this summoner at level 7 and the other reason being is that its a low mana summoner at 3 giving you +1 Melee attack to all your Monsters having Melee attack ability. Also, since the match I was into was a 13 Mana Battle; hence MALRIC INFERNO was the best choice for me to go with.

Furious Chicken was the first one to go. If you have been reading my post then by now you would have known that why I prefer to have Furious Chicken Frid up first...LOL just apart, just to have the enemy attack nullified i.e. losing Furious Chicken over a heavy attack I was fine but then the opponent will need to pay the double when my real monster comes up second. I'm in love with this Chicken and its always as a trap that I use this card at times it work out pretty well and sometimes not.

This is my beast monster Mr. CERBERUS whom I was relying upon the most. With its healing and retaliate ability it does the really damage. Also not to forget the speed you get which is 5 at level 5; because of its speed, I was able to nullify the opponent's attack. Normally when a low-speed monster attacks a high-speed monster the attack gets nullified which means NO DAMAGE. AND with CERBERUS I did managed to nullify my enemy attacks most of the time.. Looks at the battle and you will notice yourself.

Next was KOBOLD MINER; being a low mana game, I was very cautious in selecting the cards because if you had selected even a single wrong card it would have cost you the battle. With KOBOLD MINER at 2 Mana having sneak ability and targeting monster at the last made this position fit for him. Speed was also one of the factor to use KOBOLD MINER as you get to attack first; which means you got an upper handing destroying your enemy line-up.

Mr OOZE was next to go and the main motive here to have Ooze in the battle was to slow down the speed of the opponents monsters as much possible I could. Ooze being further a low mana cap card give me that opportunity to weaken the monster speed. In low-rank matches - I've personally noticed that if you lower the speed attack of your enemy you have 80% chances of Winning; hence Ooze was brought in to lower the speed of the monster attacks of my opponent.

Finally come the main hero SERPENTINE SPY; I'm calling it the intellengt SPY because of its working style and the damage it does is like a SPY.. Attacking from any position and targeting enemy monster with lower health. The only disadvantage that I could here was the low health I had, but fortunately my enemy wasn't that smart and I did manage to do the real damage with SERPENTINE SPY low health and high speed which did also benefit me in the battle field..You will notice the same in the battle replay as I got the first to attack with this Intellegent SPY..


Have Look at the Battle Fought :: Here

Yes, it did work. But more importantly I had fun playing the game. Overall its not about Winning always. Frankly speaking I did want to write a post on strategy not working and what went wrong. But luckily I won the first match playing with this Intelligent SPY; the SERPENTINE SPY. So maybe next time will see and write about strategy not working. But for this game, it did work out well and the main strategy that I applied here was to weaken the SPEED of the monster so that my monsters get the first chance to do the real damage. Being a low manna game rule you would want to ensure that your monsters are getting the chance to attack and if your opponent is very smart he can take always weaken your monsters SPEED to do the heavy lifting damaging your monsters line-up. The furious Chicken trap also worked out well, I was able to nullify my enemy heavy attack on the card that I was ok to go by taking the damage and giving its peer monsters to do the damage. So overall the strategy worked out well and with SERPENTINE SPY the SPY damage done was a great show to see..a real FUN..


I've been using SERPENTINE SPY but not often. As you can see that I'm just at level 3 of this card and I did love to get better i.e. build this card up at higher level at least get to level 6, so that I get extra two health and extra SPEED as well. I would need another 8 cards to reach at this level which is an investment of $10 approx. For now I'll be playing t this level and as opportunity strikes will upgrade the card to the next level gradually.

On a personal note - I think that SERPENTINE SPY at level 6 makes a very good Intellegent SPY and gives your monsters line-up a great advantage and at the other end a strong tuff completion to your enemy monsters..

Thats' all I had for this Weekly Challenge and my strategy around SERPENTINE SPY - & how it did help me in the battlefield defeat my oppononet.. would love to hear other SplinterMates story as well and looking forwards to hear from you all as well..

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See You @ The Battle Field - May the POWERS be with You!!

Cheers & Thank You!!!


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