Splinterlands Weekly Challenge : The Dreaded Twisted Jester



A new and exciting week around all Splinterlands, full of new updates and new cards from the cool rewards edition that largely complement all Splinters, so the battles will be more full of strategy than ever and endless excitement.

I also want to participate in this week's challenge called by @splinterlands, where we are asked to use "The Twisted Jester" in a battle. I want to confess that it was not an easy challenge, the Death Splinter that I currently have is one of the weakest and finding myself in the "Diamond 1" league, playing with level 1 cards, is very complicated, however, thanks to the fact that I analyzed the battle rule well, I read my opponent well and I was able to achieve a victory with this Splinter and here I share it with you.

Twisted Jester and his Snipe


This card is really useful in battle, its ability of "Snipe" is one of the most used in strategies of the game, this allows whoever possesses it, to attack the opponent's monsters that possess magic or range attack, so these are used to decrease the opponent's shooting team, leaving him in many occasions with only his tank and losing the battle if they don't counteract this type of cards and their abilities.




Link to the video in Youtube

I bring you my battle, it was a very fast one, since the mana for it was very low, so this forced me to choose my cards very carefully, besides that it allowed me to predict which team my opponent would use according to the last battles he had played.



  • Mana: 13

  • Weak Magic: This rule weakens all magical attacks they make, i.e. they will not directly reach the opponent's life if they have shields.

  • Lost Magic: In these rules, monsters with magic attacks cannot be used in battle.




Zintar Mortalis.pngZintar Mortalis:
The summoner that I used for this battle, although I didn't have many options since the strength of my cards is not in this Splinter, however, it falls like a ring to the finger for this battle, since due to the rule that the magic monsters cannot be used in battle, my Zintar could diminish the melee attack of my adversary. This would give me much more time to give my cards a chance to attack.
Animated Corpse.pngAnimated Corse
The tank I chose for this low-manoeuvre battle, despite not having much speed, this one has 2 melee attacks, and 6 life, in that sense, it would allow me to do double the damage to my opponent and at least hold a few rounds so that my strategy works and my Twisted Jester succeeds in attacking.
183  Angry Chicken  White.pngFurious Chicken
A card strategically used to give me more time and slack, so that my "Jester" can attack a few more rounds. If my "Animated Corse" falls in battle I will have much more time for my strategy to develop.
Undead Priest.pngUndead Priest
A crucial card in my strategy, besides giving me even more time, for the development of my move, his skill called "Weaken" reduces the life of all my opponent's cards in one point, which gives me some advantage, besides that it has 3 life enough for my Jester finish his task.
Twisted Jester.pngTwisted Jester
The mainstay of my attack in this strategy is undoubtedly my "Twisted Jester", with his "Snipe" skill, he allowed me to finish the last cards of my opponent, leaving him with only one attack front, which of course was greatly diminished by my "Animated Corse".


My strategy


The strategy I used for this battle worked well, I really had my doubts that it would work, since, being in a high league like "Diamond 1", the cards needed must be of a higher level, so I had to take a chance and have a lot of patience to get a set of rules that would suit the level of my cards, so I could place the odds in my favor.

Next time I will try to raise the power of my Death Splinter, this will give me more probabilities to win and also to think of more strategies that will allow me to win and keep advancing in all the leagues, all in order to have fun and at the same time keep getting rewards.

¿Do you use TWISTED JESTER often? Why or why not?


If I am familiar with the card, long ago, my death team had a higher level, however, because of an emergency I had to sell most of my cards which left me almost at zero. Now that I'm starting over, I don't have much power in several Splinters, but, of course I plan to use that and many other cards more often.

To finish I invite you to this incredible game, below I will leave my reference link to support you in case you want to start and also a couple of links to the communities of Splinterlands.

SHare YOUR BATTLE 34.png

If you are new you can join the game under this LINK

Join the official Discord community

Go to the Discord server community officer in Spanish

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