Splinterlands Chat About New Card and Land

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Wow sorry, the days got away from me for sure and I am late on this giveaway post only a few people entered so I hope more enter this time. The winner was @rondonshneezy. Congrats and I hope the DEC helps. Once again you can win 1000 DEC if you make a comment that counts. You have to wait like 3 minutes of the video to see what I want you to comment about. Do that and your name will be on the wheel next time. In the video, I go over the winner, then talk about the new card that will be airdropped soon and talk a bit about land prices and why I think it will be worth a lot later. Overall it was a fun post to do. I hope you are all doing well with the game or getting into it.

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Splinterlands have a partnership with Gala games why I push it here also. I bought my first land card for the next game.

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