Splinterlands Share Your Battle Featuring Opportunity

2개월 전


Oh boy the @splinterlands team changed it up this week and went with an ability. Opportunity is one of the new ones and really strong when you use it the right way. I feel that you have to use more than one monster with the skill to really get the effect that you want. To have some hunters taking out the "weak" guys. When in fact some of those small hp guys have abilities you need off the board. If you watch the video you will see me win a fight where I am out leveled just due to the power of this ability.

You saw them right taking out guys left and right. I know I got off topic a little and talked more about being in the anytime tournaments. Still, though I hope you got a really good look at how a team of these guys can wreak your opponent. If you play make sure to give the challange a try. It is always cool to see all the players getting votes from the team. I also try to vote for you guys. Till next time keep playing.
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