I've got my "eye" on you - You are the weakest link! Goodbye..... This weeks @splinterlands SHARE YOUR BATTLE CHALLENGE: Opportunity.

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Its been a crazy day on the steem blockchain (20/05/20)... @splinterlands has switched from #steem to the #hive blockchain and #hf23 has been initiated by the witnesses and the powers that be on steem.

To try and take my mind off all this I've been busy playing #splinterlands and thought I'd share one of the many battles I've gone through today.


The SHARE YOUR BATTLE CHALLENGE is a weekly contest, run by the fantastic curation team over at @splinterlands.

Every week, the very generous and talented @carrieallen sets out a challenge, where we must share a battle we've been involved in, that has either had a certain monster or specific battle theme.. If you follow the small set of rules, then your post could be eligible for a nice little upvote from the @steemmonsters account.

This week, we've been asked to share a battle where we've used a monster with the OPPORTUNITY ability:


The opportunity ability is one of the "newer" abilities brought to the splinterlands game and I love it. The opportunity ability means that no monster is safe. In fact, the monster you tried to hide in the middle of you deck now has a bullseye stitched to it and the number one target...


For this battle, with the "little league" and "fog of war" battle themes in play, the opportunity ability would be perfect! I knew exactly which monster I was going to choose, and it didn't let me down..


Let's get ready to rumble!! Watch HERE

The fire splinter was an obvious choice for me with these rule sets given. You can pack a lot of FIRE splinter monsters in for a low mana cost.

The Cerberus is a great little tank for such a low mana cost. With a decent health, good speed and the "heal" ability, he's my go-to guy more often than not in these circumstances.

My GF furious chicken was there, just in case my opponent had a monster with the opportunity ability.

My lvl 5, GF Flame Imp is a great card for these "little league" battles. He packs a punch with 2 magic attack, he's pretty quick himself, but gives every other monster in your deck a +1 speed buff... In a battle of two evenly matched sides, who ever attacks first usually wins.

Now for the star of the show - my GF serpentine spy. The fire summoner gives him a +1 melee attack, so for such a cheap card it packs a Heck of a punch.


So what's your thoughts and feelings on the opportunity ability?

Would you have chosen a different team or just rearrange the cards I chose??

Please leave a comment, I really do appreciate all feedback. It's how I developed and learn as a player.

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