Announcing Contest:My Favourite Cartoon | Steem Sri Lanka 3G Contest Series| Week 03| 5% to SL Charity

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I am so excited to announce my very first contest in my Steemit life. Here is Steem Sri Lanka 3G Week 03!!!!.. Let's see what we have...



I'm pretty sure you watched a lot of cartoons when you were little. There are probably a lot of characters you like in those cartoons. So you have to do a very simple thing. Download pictures of your favorite cartoon and write about those. You can write anything you love, related to your favorite cartoon and I will remind you of a few points for your convenience.

You can include

Pick one of your favorite cartoons
• Name your favorite cartoon
• Which channel did it broadcast on?
• who is your favorite character and why do you like that character?
• How many days a week did it broadcast and how many hours a day did it broadcast?
• How old are you when you watch that cartoon?
• Do you still enjoy watching that cartoons?
• What are the good things that you learned from the cartoon.?
Nice photos of your favorite cartoon will add more colors to your post.

Rules of the contest

• Resteem this post
• All entries must be your own. No plagiarism. Please put original source links to your images.
• Make sure to put your entry in Steem Sri Lanka Community and put your entry link in the comment section of this post.
• Your post must be a minimum of 300 words.
• Add #myfavouritecartoon, #steemexclusive, and your country-specific tags in the first five tags.
• The title of your post must be
My Favourite Cartoon| Steem Sri Lanka 3G Contest Series| Week 03

Post your entries before 8.00 pm on 20th March 2021


1st place= 60% vote from booming04
2nd place=50% vote from booming 04
3rd place= 45% vote from booming 04
4th place = 40% vote from booming04
5th place = 8 steem
6th place=5 steem
7th place= 3 steem

Judging Criteria

  • Presentation
  • Relevance
  • Meaningfulness

Winners will be announced on 23rd of March.

Cc: @steemcurator01

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Excelente elección @cachete-27 a mi tía también le gustaba piolin.

También estoy participando,te invito en visitar mi perfil. Bendiciones ❤️ vi que eres de ciudad bolívar, yo también soy de allá, bueno pase gran parte de mi infancia allá pero ahora estoy viviendo el Cumaná.


Thank You aiya

I'm pretty sure this will bring loads of our childhood memories back.❤️ All the best with the contest malli 🥂


Thank You aiyee

Pretty contest malli 😍😍😍 Hope to read beautiful entries 😍


Thank you akke.

Hope to read beautiful entries
Me tooo


Welcome to the contest @georgia14 and good luck... you never know you might be one of the winners!

I've had a lot of work these last weeks but I'm going to participate in this contest. I will also publicize it in Venezuela, hahahaha.


Yeah Yeah join this contest. you never know you might be one of the winners!

That would be a fun thing to describe. Thanks for the contest. :) :)


You are welcome @rem-steem. Enjoy the contest 🤩

Nice contest mchn 😍🖤


Thank you broh.

@ashen99 Back to childhood 😋

😋😋😋 I only remember one cartoon because I lv it. This would be nice

OMG!! This is so sweet. 😍😍


Hee yeah yeahh

Wow, I also will join.😊

There were many of my favourite cartoons but I will try to write about one of the best..
Great initiative ✌🏼

A cute idea malli❤. Hope to post my entry soon.

Hello, Steemians
Hope you all are doing good. My name is Syed Huzaifa and here's my entry for the contest. Special thanks to @ashen99 for organizing this great contest.


Awwww, la caricatura favorita de mi mamá. Me gusta mucho. Me trae bueno recuerdos. Gracias por compartirlo.

I will put my entry soon 🤭❤️
I have few in my mind


Don't write my one🤣 let's discuss first


Oh sure 😅😅


Oh ho, I'm waiting to read about it.

My Entry😊

Thank you for this nice contest. Good Luck😊

Hello for me it has been a pleasure to write my participation, I hope you like it.
My participation, happiness always.

Gracias por elaborar tan increíble iniciativa, nos encantó!

Esta es nuestra entrada:

This creative initiative has awakened my memories of my happy childhood and I am enjoying writing about my favorite cartoons, I tell you that I was fascinated to be sitting in front of the TV watching all the comics that happened, here my second entry, I hope you like it, happiness always.

Nice contest malli. This is gonna be fun! 🤗💛


Yeah akke.

¡Excelente concurso, amigo! Me gusto mucho participar :D. Aquí te dejo mi entrada :):

I have enjoyed this initiative so much, that I am happy to present you my third entry, I don't know if it will be valid, but I have enjoyed it. I hope you will enjoy it too, I leave Naruto