My Village In Ten Pics - Waguruwela - 2020-11-30

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Hello everyone,

I'm Damith from Sri Lanka. Actually, this is not about the town, it's about my beautiful village Waguruwela. Last week I shared about my town, you can see it here.


It's located in the Monaragala District of Uva Province, Sri Lanka. The name means 'paddy field in the marshy land'. Once the area was marshy land but then has been converted to a paddy field under the concept of 'one lakh of paddy fields/ Wellassa' a long time ago. So, as the name suggests the main occupation is farming.

So, let's see some locations in the village. All photographs were taken by me today(2020-11-30), from my mobile phone. Most of the time there was no exact location on what3words/plus code, so, I used the nearest locations. Sorry about that!

1) Paddy Fields

The farmers are busy as the cultivation is just started. They are making the land before planting seeds. This portion of the paddy field is called 'Gannile'.

2) Menik River



The famous Menik river is flowing through the village to meet the sea in Kirinda. It is the thirteenth-longest river of Sri Lanka, approximately about 114km long. This is very useful for agricultural activities in the area.

3) Waguruwela main school

This is the main school of the village. Currently, there are more than 1000 students studying there. And recently it was redeveloped with more facilities.

4) Poyamalu Viharaya(Main temple)


The village temple or center of the village.

5) Budugallena Forest Monastery



Well, this is an ancient temple in the village. Located near a mountain basically on a rock. And there is a recently constructed stupa on top of the mountain and a lot of stone caves where monks used to live and summon.

6) Karawilakanththa Lake


One of the treasuries in the village. The purpose is to store water in the rainy season and distributed in the dry season for cultivations through canals.

7) A canal

This is a canal the main canal that distributed the water from the lake as mentioned above.

8) A sandy Road

A small road in the village. Both sides have paddy fields. And the location is just beautiful.

9) A panaroma view

You can see a footpath along with a green field. Actually, it's a small lake but now filled with algae and small plants without proper maintenance.

I guess you will enjoy the locations!

Thank you.
Best Regards!

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How luck you are to live in a beautiful village like this.... 😍

First photo brings me the smell of muddy 🙊 a natural fragrance ....

And 8 and 9,,, I enjoyed that calm greeny environment 😍 with the wind....

Addicted 💯💯💯💯


Yep! Most of the village is filleage with paddy fields and trees! Thaks for the lovely compliment. 😍😍

Looking at these pictures, your village must really be a place that is fertile for growing agriculture I must confess. It look really greensish and has beautiful view of nature surrounded with it.

I love it


Thanks for your comment! Yeah, you are right. Most of the villagers are farmers. Even they are doing another job, most of them have the habit of growing at least a little thing.

Thank you for taking part in My Town In Ten Pics on Steem.

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The Steemit Team

The famous Menik river is flowing through the village

I think your village is situated near the starting area of Menik river. Right? That place looks so cool. Perfect place to bathe.. 😍


Nope! It's much near to the end.

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beautiful village photography. when i seen i also feel refresh cause village is beautiful. thanks for share with us gentleman.

You're very much lucky to live in such a beautiful village 💚

The famous Menik river is flowing through the village to meet the sea in Kirinda.

As I remember, I have bathed in Menik river when I was little. But I could not go there for a long time. Your post made me want to go there once again.

Nice pictures. Thank you for sharing😊

@damithudaya your village is so similar to my village. Its also have paddy fields,Chardrika wewa and walawe river that increases the beauty of it.

Budugallena Forest Monastery

I think this place should be nice too