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Since I was in 16 years old I had something strange idea in my mind, that means I thought this life is someone's story like a film. So in my childhood I lived in that kind of unrealistic frame. My rational was if we are telling our story to someone and due to that reason we are in simulated world. About this topic I haven't any kind of knowledge but last week I found interesting article from the internet related to my crazy idea. The difference was I haven't any knowledge to prove it an the Mr. Nick Bostrom a philosopher, he had written a paper about this concept in 2001. Unfortunately I found that paper last week. Anyhow it nicely argues about some major points regarding I mentioned reason. So that I selected Mr. Nick's Topic to my article.


Sometimes today article will be little bit long, anyway I think this concept will interesting .So that I like to discuss something further about this topic and the other hand this is a theory which personally I'm thinking. Anyway now we will get some clear idea about this theory regarding terminology. If you want to find out more information then simply google "simulation theory."

What is Simulation?

Simulation is the process of creating a model of an existing or proposed system in order to identify and understand the factors that control the system, or to predict the future behavior of the system.

Here I gave you the correct definition because missing a one word may cause big problem to the concepts, So guys now you know in modern world there are so many simulations for entertainment and many complicated learning activities such as medical field and also in aviation. These simulations gives us the chance to avoid a mistake and do that same activity in real life.( here I used this word because I can't explain the rest of the story, anyway when we think about the theory there is no or we don't know is this real) For further understanding you can search about a software which based on physics that is universe sandbox, from this you can easily simulate the universe from the beginning that means from the big bang.
Screenshot (4).png

By using our computing power we can simulate thousand years of processes within minutes. Considering these things modern Philosophy and Science introduced this Simulation theory to the world. Before we go further through the journey we have to learn another word, "ancestral simulation". Let's get a clear idea about this; the people introduced this theory say that in future the can make real simulation by using computing power and input all the neurons and brain actions as sensory inputs in correct timing that feels that simulation is a real one. If this will be possible one day, there is a possibility that we also a simulation of another superhuman civilization. This long process we simply called as ancestral simulation. So guys what do you think about this concept.


ARE WE LIVING IN A COMPUTER SIMULATION? please comment your ideas and this is very free to add your explanations regrading to the topic. Thank you for the valuable time.

Note: the pictures which are not mention its source are screenshots.
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May be in near future.. people will be liking to live in a computer simulation..
Just like in movies such as.

Ready Player One


thanks bro