Field visit to Mattala Rajapaksha international airport / 5% for sl charity

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Hello Steemers!


Sri Lanka is a beautiful country. People who live here are also very good and kind-hearted people. We all know stories about some populations got extinct because of some unwanted decisions. That’s because of some small weaknesses of them. I agree that we all are not perfect but should have some basic understanding of the bad consequences of actions.



Unfortunately, lots of people don’t have that who lives here. Most people do things and face bad results after that. Do you like to blame people? No right? But I’m sure that lots of people blame someone for various reasons at hand. Blaming politicians are also like that. They are elected and they tend to do whatever thing comes to their minds. Simple as that.


Lots of people in Sri Lanka believes that the Mattala international airport is a waste of money. The facts show their income doesn’t fit to sustain themself also. We also try to make our home and village beautiful right. Maybe it can be the intention of this airport, but it didn’t help the country’s economy. That’s why people are mad about this.


Some people you know can be here😉

However, I got a chance to visit this airport. It is surely a good thing. But doesn’t function. I got to know that even the largest plane can land here. It has the capacity and facilities. I like to mainly write about the fire truck we experienced here. It is great engineering work. It can throw a huge jet of water to a longer location if something happens. They explained and demonstrated to us the functions. It was a memorable moment.



We had a chance to visit the communication tower also. Lucky us, when we were there a small plane landed there. The procedure is also really interesting.


In this field visit, we visited some other places also. I will share those experiences in the future.

Thank you for reading!

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That fire brigade unit was the most attractive thing to me.specially that bens one. Bt unfortunately this airport hasn’t been properly functioned. It’s truly a pathetic situation.

We also got a chance to access the control tower. Really nice view to be witnessed. 😍




Wow..Seems like you also had a wonderful experience. As you mentioned, it's a shame that this is not functioning.


Yeah that’s true malli.

ekama eka wathawak mamath gihin thiyanwa


monaru dakke nedda😁

I've been there once too. 🙊

Some people you know can be here😉

There is someone I know!🌚


Hehe. I knew 😋

Wow! It’s a very interesting field visit.


ow ayye. It was a memorable one.😃

Ko malli ara wee welapu ewa....


Api enawa qwama ewa hangala ayye😁

I also visited this field visit with you guys. I was inside someone's heart 🤭🤭


Did you notice that someone is in that group photo?😂

We had a chance to visit the communication tower also.

I also went once to the control room at the top of this communication tower.


Good to know bro😃👌

Yanna tibuna nam hondii. Oalata eka niyama experience ekk wen athi.


Ow eka atta. Campus eken ekkan giya nisa okkoma pennuwa

indeed it is a beautiful country and very comfortable when in it is certainly happy. Many great facilities are found at the airport. good article. sri lanka is a beautiful country and nice people like you say it isn't it, not😊. . .?


You're right my friend. It's absolutely beautiful😊. I also have lots of places to visit. Maybe sometime in the future, i will be able to go those places. 🥳


May that dream come true, I support that, 😊😀


Thank you😇

I haven't been there😒.

Some people you know can be here😉

Couldn't find you. but found two others 😂.


I'm the one who took the photo. 😃


thought so 😁.

Would love to go see.You are very lucky in that respect.


Yeah. I also think so....

I also visited this airport😊😊


Happy to hear bro.👌