Get ready for the new iPhone13 / 5% for SL-Charity


Hello Steemers!

Hey, Apple fans. Good news for you. Apple announced their next event. It’s the September event. We can define it as the new iPhone release event. Exciting times. The posts about selling their kidneys to buy a new iPhone will appear online really soon.


Apple Website

Mark my date as September 14. It’s 10.30 pm in Sri Lanka time. We can watch it live on youtube. I’m pretty sure that every apple fan will watch this exciting event. We all know their products are great. Their film production quality is also another level. The transitions are extraordinary.



The rumours say Apple will announce their next iPhone which means iphone13, Apple watch series 7, the new iPad 9 and the new ios, macOS, watches, Tvos and iPados software. This September event is usually their biggest showcase of products. I think this one will be no exception.

Some reports say that Apple will unveil their apple watch AR glasses also in this event. This may or may not be true. But we will be able to see it on the 14th for sure. Are you guys also excited as me?

Thank you for reading!

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Only 120Hz display is the new thing.. isn't it??


Apple haters will say that.🤣😃

You are the biggest apple fan here.

The posts about selling their kidneys to buy a new iPhone will appear online really soon.

Ahh. that kidney joke. it doesn't seem funny anymore. can't they come up with a new joke 😂.


Can you create a new joke😁.


No man... I am not in that topic.

um not much interested about apple or any other phones. But I get to know about those things from your articles. That what it's worth. 😁


I am really happy you have learned something from my posts. Thank you👌😃

අපි මේවා කියවල සැනසෙනව අයියෙ🙊🙊😌😌😌


Dosthara wela ganna malli. Nothing neh ethakota...😉

You're one of the people I 've seen, who uses technology beautifully. I learned many things about technological equipments through ur posts.

I really don't know why I don't like Apple phones. But it looks beautiful


Thank you for your feedback. It really encourages me.

But it looks beautiful

And they also work beautifully.

Yeah it’s an interesting news for apple fans. But also a bad news cause our devices are getting older and older when a new member comes in🥴


Ekanm atta. market price adu wenanawane. 😪

Thank you for all the supports you have given to Steem Sri Lanka ! This little souvenir to celebrate your generosity... We wish you all the success!


Steem Sri Lanka Community


Thank you🥳🥳🥳

Gannada yanne launch karaddima



Are you guys also excited as me?

I excitd thinking about what you think.


Wow, this is a next level reply 🙊