Happy Anniversary Steem Sri Lanka // What i have achieved // 10% for SL Charity


Hello Steemers!

It’s 1 year anniversary of steem Sri Lanka. Earlier I wrote a post about what I have done and felt about the community. Today I am going to say you about what I have achieved through this steem Sri Lanka community.


The best thing I have done so far is the room renovation. The steemit money helped me a lot in making my room, a better place. First, I put the sealings. Then repaired the walls and applied paint. Then made the floor paint. Those things are the best things that I have done.


Earlier I wrote articles about my chair and mattress. Steemit money helped me to some extent to buy those things also. I can proudly say that steemit made my life more comfortable. Actually, I bought 2 chairs. One is an office chair the other is a plastic chair. I like both of these chairs.


When talking about the mattress, it is the most comfortable thing that I have done so far. My earlier one was very old and damaged. With the help of steemit, I was able to go for a spring mattress. I have no words to explain my feeling about this.


Another thing steemit helped me to buy was the google smart home speaker and the Chromecast 3. Those 2 devices made my life really easier for some tasks I do. I really enjoy them so much.


These are the more expensive things that I was able to buy with the help of steemit. Other than that it helped me to so many small things that I haven’t mentioned here. Especially I ate so much steem.


I have done those things only within 6 months. You can see the potential right? Currently, I am holding 2850sp with all of that I have mentioned earlier which I am really proud of.


All those things will never be possible without the help of the Steem Sri Lanka community. I would like to thank all the members of our community for their continuous support. On this 1st year anniversary, I wish our community for hitting 1M sp when the next 2 year anniversary comes. Until then let’s make our community shine in the steemit sea.


Thank you for reading!

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you are lucky man. happy anniversary for community


Thanks bro❤️

Steemit has made the life more comfortable. Steem Sri Lanka has helped a lot.


You're absolutely right. 😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋

I wish our community for hitting 1M sp when the next 2 year anniversary comes. Until then let’s make our community shine in the steemit sea.

I also so interesting to see this.... Lets do it brother....


Yeah. We can make this happen😁

I want 1M😪 too That's cool you guys are eating purchasing chairs and doing everything with steem. Keep buying things. Have a good life

matath asai oya google mewwa ekak ganna


Ethin gandako ane din gaala. Online order kalekine🤭

Wow, you've done so many things with steem.

Especially I ate so much steem.



Yeah. I also think so😂😂😂😂😂

සැප නින්දට සැප මෙට්ට😌😌😌😍😍 Congratulations ayye....🤩🤩🤩


Thanks malli❤️

You have achieved lot of thing through steem sri lankan❤️❤️❤️


Yes ayye❤️😌. Our community helped me a lot😁🥳

Especially I ate so much steem.


Elagata vahanayak gammu 😁


Aniwaryen. V8 ekak genne😊


Tax gewana kaleth lagai ehenm 🤑

I have done so far is the room renovation.

I'm a kinda makeover fan. Most of the time I watch room renovation videos on YT.💙 Yeah! it's a nice idea to start ur expenditures with a renvation. I wish u may add some RGB light system & make it as a gaming room.😉


I had some RGB lights. But I removed those because those are very difficult to eyes in the night.😬. If you know any other ideas plz let me know👌

Excellent 😇🤘


Thank you!👌

Especially I ate so much steem.

😅😅 ha ha. It's a good way of spending steem.

To be honest I learned a lot through your articles. Especially about technical devices. Hope you'll continue those.
Happy Anniversary For SSL and wishing a successful long journey for you.! 💖


I am really glad those articles are helpful. I will write mt experiences with them in the future also.😊😊😊

You are doing well... I hope you will become a dolphin soon.... Keep steeming 💪❤️


Thank you dr...🥰👌

Steemit makes our lives change, not with that steemit is also a good place to interact.😊

Happy Anniversary Steem Srilanka


You're right my friend. This article is proof of that.👌🥰

Oh that chair took my heart and Google smart speaker.. I need comfortable chair for work. Congratulations for your steemit journey 🥰. Btw from where did you order that speaker?


We can buy from daraz. But better deals are in ikman.lk