Suhastha! A charity program done by Civil Batch 16 / 5% for sl charity

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Hello Steemers!


Can you see the Innocent faces in this photo? I do. This was from a charity event done by the Department of Civil engineering university of Moratuwa Sri Lanka. We have done this to the Handawalapitiya Vidyalaya which is located near Kandy district. This area was very rural. Our bus was also very difficult to pass some locations. We have done ordinary level supportive seminars for grade 10 and 11 students and gave them educational supportive materials.


I never forget these innocent faces. I thought they have never seen a camera before. In this situation, they asked me lots of questions very rapidly. I wasn’t able to answer them all. I also had a chance to teach them mathematics. I did it very happily. In the evening, we played volleyball and cricket also. Some of my batchmates have done the school renovation part also.


Our girls have done the cooking part. I never knew they can cook but to some extent. Some of my friends have done motivational speeches to them. They were really emotional in those situations.



On the final day, we sang songs with them. It was a really fun moment for all of us. After all of this our university lectures also came to meet us and look at what we have done. They were also really happy. We received lots of thanks from the principal, teachers and the students. As I said earlier this will never forget for my entire life.



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Great work done by your batchmates 💖. I remember some of those photos. Like that innocent face the most 😉.


Yes. I also really like these movements of my life.❤

You are so lucky to be a part of this. We should help others when we are able. Great work😊


Thank you nangi 🙌

Days like that will never be forgotten in life. ✨️


Yes malli. It's true. 👌

Wow...What a great work...


Thank you ayye🌝

Great work ayye 😍😍😍, these memories will always being with you ❤️


Yeah malli👌😋

You and your batch have done great work to’s very valuable to them.


Yes ayye. It's great work.🥰

This is really a job well done. It is heartwarming thing to do. This is lovely indeed. I salute you guys.


Thank you very much dr...

It’s a pleasure to see that you guys continuing this wonderful charity program -“Suhastha”.❤️As I remember Prof.Manatunge and Dr. Buddika were so impressed with this suhastha chapter and they admired it with us. You guys have done a marvelous job malli❤️


Thank you ayye. They also visited us there to check whether everything. Everyone loved this❤️

Apith e wage ekak kala Hoarana paththe podi school ekaka. Facilties harima adui. Knowledge ekth poor. Api karapu de lokuu deyk wna ealata. Eth eeta wda deyk wen one. Api ehen enakota deepu letters mallakma tynwa. mewa dkkma aye ewa kiywnn one kiyl htna.

Oala karala tynne loku watina wadak. 💖


Api karana podi deth eyalata loku deyak wage denenne. Apita notherunata. 😇

Great work...!


Thank you