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Hello Steemers!

Actually, this happened last year in the middle of the covid pandemic. I had to participate in a wedding. She is one of my best friends in the O/L times. She only invited 4 of us from our class due to restrictions of the government. Anyway, This was the first time I attend a wedding of my friend. So this was a special occasion.


It was done in a hotel. It was a very beautiful place. We took lots of photos. Other 3 of my friends also met after a long time. So there were lots of things to talk about. It was a really fun moment for us.



Weddings are useless without food right? The food was ok there. We didn’t forget to dance at the end of the wedding. It was a truly happy moment for us because she is a really good friend to us. In the end, we present some gifts to them and took photos with the couple. It was a really happy day in my life.



A lot of my friends are now engaged. But unable to have a wedding due to this crow virus. After this is over there will be lots of weddings to attend. Until then my steemit earnings will be safe. Haha!

Thank you for reading!

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den ayyalage wayas wala aya badinawane hamoma wage🤭🤭


Ow. Eyagata oyale akka😂😂😂

I think next chance for you, to start your wedded life.


Haha. You got me. 😋😋😋

Now the time has come to ready for your wedding ayye🤣🤣🤣


Good idea malli😅😁.

our friends haven't started yet 😅. there will be lot of weddings after pandemic.


Yeah. There will be a lot.

A lot of my friends are now engaged

This means a lot of things. No?😁😁


Yes. Means a lot. Implies a lot🤭🌝

Happy days come to your friends, for us the sacred bond of marriage in a couple. happy happy your friend has gone faster than you 😀😀🙊


Yeah, you're right my friend. Good days are coming. I am looking forward to it. 🤗😎

My friends also start to getting engaged and some of them are organized weddings. Really scaring thing. hee heee..


Ekane. Welawa thama aula. Nethnm wedding ekakata yandath asai dn nm kaala natala ehema enda.😆