Another Unforgettable Day with Steem Sri Lanka Friends! | 10% to SL-Charity


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Another unforgettable day finished with happiness. Last night we had our 1st-year anniversary celebration gathering via zoom... There were 35 steemit members including one awesome guest from Ache!

We started the session at 8.55 p.m and this time we all kept our video and mic on. We could hear the voices of everyone and see their faces. Two kids were also joined with their aunts! They were also so talkative and cute.

We didn't forget to cut a cake too... @rasinkani made this cute cake after short notice.


After cutting the cake, we started to hangout with each other.. It was a very casual conversation full of jokes and friendly chats. We heard everyone's voice and all of them talked for at least a few seconds.

I felt everyone as very close friends. We spent time like this for about 40 min.

I must mention specially, @maulidar from Ache joined us. She is a very pleasant girl who is very dedicated and active in steemit. She asked me about the zoom and installed zoom two days before the event. She joined ontime.. Even though she doesn't understand any language we speak, she spent with us whole the time and enjoyed everything. I believe this can be a good experience for her too.. I must be very thankful for her commitment..

Also, @alejos7ven and @pnessy tried to join but Ale couldn't join due to slow connection and pnessy was a little late due to the huge time gap between Sri Lanka and Venezuela. I appreciate their effort too..

So in this way, another remarkable event finished successfully!

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It must be a cool experience to be able to connect with so many people like that. I'm glad you had such a good time :)

Se ve que la pasaron muy bien. Tuvieron la alegría de juntos cortar el pastel en honor al primer aniversario de la Comunidad y Lograron estrechar más los lazos de amistad!!!

Que sigan cosechando más éxitos!!


I felt everyone as very close friends. We spent time like this for about 40 min.

Since we post most of our daily things it feels like we all know really well. But when we talk it feels so much better. I'm happy to talk with everyone we share our life moments with steemit with the help of our SSL❤️

It was remarkable and memorable💖.

I felt everyone as very close friends.

Like we knew each other a long time.

What a pleasant meeting💖 Actually felt like we have known each other for a long time😊

I was lucky enough to witness this nice zoom meeting trough @sudaraka’s zoom room😍❤️

next time I'll be there with all these nice people that is there in Sri Lanka :D thanks for taking me in mind

Very happy about last night.Everybody seemed to be around.

wonderful and memorable night spend with my SSL friends.

40 minutes, but I don't feel that long with my phone's camera. so excited to meet face to face, I was very lucky to be able to install the zoom app, in advance I want to thank you thanks to your solution I was able to join the meeting, even though I came and listened. hopefully with this we are all more intimate, tying a bond both aceh and sri lanka..

😍😍😍It is unforgettable day of my life...and first time i talk with all of our family members....😍😍😍
SSL very well prepared for our 1 anniversary with lovely cake...We all said " happy birthday SSL" once... I am very happy to be a part of SSL family .....😍😍😍 and wanna meet all members one day...🙊🙊🙊

It was a really nice and reamarkable night to all of us ❤️ , thank you for organize this meeting 😍😍

Echchar hina wewi idapu 1st zoom meeting eka mge. anith ewaye nm ahn inwa ne. eke hina wewi htpu eka kre❤

Another Unforgettable Day with Steem Sri Lanka Friends!

ekanam aththa....@anusha96 nangi thamai ethin kacha kachae


Oyala katha kare nane ithin.... 😒😒😒





It's so lovely to see all of you at the same place. By the way I noticed that you've a nice voice.🤩

It was my first time joining and talking with Steem Sri Lanka family..❤❤ I am waiting to join next....

corona nathi dawasaka unanam kiyala duka hithuna wara ananthayi...

Day to remember ♥️

Yeah, day to remember 🤩
It was a very happy moment for all of us. I'm so glad to see our beloved members' faces. Love you guys. You made our first anniversary day.... 🥰

It was a really beautiful and memorable day❤. It was a great pleasure to see all the members of SSL family. But during the meeting I faced a lot of things😁

Anniversary gathering was a nice idea and we enjoyed it lot.... ❤️ After covid-19, let's gather real...🙊