If You Hate Cats, Read This. If You Don't Hate Cats, Still Read This!

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There was an era in my life, I oathed myself not to keep a cat and I believed there is no space in my heart for a cat. Sound's funny right? No, I hate cats, before this little boy come into our house.

He is like a baby, so lightweight and with soft fur. His cute round faces with changing eyes fascinated me. Oh.. I forgot the topic.

Today the morning was so clammed no rain nor heavy sun rays. I was cleaning the road to my home and my brother wanted to take some photos of nature. Our cat boy usually joins with us in all our works. He is too much "looking" at things we do.

He climbed the fence and he was in the correct position, so I called my brother to capture some good shots of our cat boy.


He was trying to get on the concrete column by placing his pink feet on gauze. He was careful about the camera, usually, he is. My dog always skips cameras but I have observed, the cat always faces the camera well.

Isn't he cute? Pink ears, pink feet, pink nose, and white fur! The starter pack of getting the attention of humans who hates cats.


He was very happy and tried to hang on the pole of the fence. His ears are hidden in this photo and I think cats are cuter without ears.

When they get afraid, their eyes get blacker, and when normal it is brown. Am I correct?


He posed very well until he realizes he can't jump down. He was a bit panic so I put him on the ground.

He ran a little away along the road and posed to one final photo. I am loving this cute annoying, screaming cat boy!


Photo credits goes to my brother
Camera : Huwawei Y6P

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What cutie pie that kitty is!


😎😎 I like to see he become very big

Los gatos son un mundo distinto, o mejor dicho, parecen de otro mundo, he tenido la oportunidad de rescatar algunos gatos y de convivir alginos dias con ellos, hacen cosas muy locas, nunca entendi sus trastornos de personalidad, hay que ser muy observador para entender su apsrente bipolaridad, eso si, lo que nunca podran cambiar u ocultsr es sus ganas de jugar siempre, con una ramita, con tus dedos si los muebed mucho, con cosas pequeñas, etc, aunque a veces podrias ganarte unos rasjuños. 🤭. Su capacidad de tener dos o mas familias simultáneamente sin que nadie sospeche, ess es la mejor parte. Jajajaja. Bello gato,. Feliz dia.


Hmm.. seems a cat lover🤗

They are so complex. This man (cat) gets angry without any reason sometimes and flys. Yes he flys. He is not walking. He jumps over. 😅 I call it fly.

you could earn a few scratches

😒yep. I don't like it but. My dog never hurts me. But cat is so cute. Specially I like the way he sleeps. He make sounds when sleep😅


No me considero "amante" de los gatos, (cat lover) pero debo reconocer que son criaturas unicas y tienen todo mi respeto y admiración, no cambiaría a mi fiel perro por un bipolar gato. Jajaja. Sin embargo, como dije, son cristuras maravillosas.


no cambiaría a mi fiel perro por un bipolar gato

Agree 🤜🤛

I love this! I'm glad you came around!!!

haha finally falling in love with cats!


finally falling in love with cats!

🤭🤭yeah. It happened 🤭

You know , I don't hate cats but this one was so angry when I was taking its photoshot :)


Oh look at his face Rashid😅😅😅 So angry. But I like his colors.


Every time I read the comments I stop here to see his face.


I’m someone who don’t like cats. But still it is cute 😍


Yes they until mouth open

Isn't he cute? Pink ears, pink feet, pink nose, and white fur!

How cute he is.💕
Sometimes I have day reams about a kitten. But my mom won't let me bring. 😒

May your pink pet live a long and healthy life. I love him !!


Kittens scream louder 🙊 you don't need a one. Have a dog

This cat is very cute @randulakoralage :), I really like cats, they are cute animal. My son is also a cat lover.


This one looks big. Our cat boy is still small. He is about 4 months. Your son is cuter😍


Yes, I took the picture too the focus was blurry so it was less clear. My son loves cats so much, he even sleeps with him in the room. ;)

He's a very sweet looking cat boy! And I'm sure he will grow up into a lovely large cat.

The thing about cats... it seems to many of us have a story about "that cat" which took us from not caring, to suddenly being a cat lover. I have had cats for over 40 years now... and there has been something special and wonderful about all of them.


cat lover. I have had cats for over 40 years now...

Oh really😃.. how many cats you had? I had 3 dogs for last 15 years but all of them left me in a short age. Actually I hate cats early. But now I feel the cuteness of them. 😍 You are correct. This is the "that cat" who changed my mind

seems like you also have a playful cat..🤭 🤭

I have observed, the cat always faces the camera well.

Thats right..🤭 🤭 ..Our cat gives nice pose..


playful cat

Good for us. But he doesn't catch rats. Even he can't catch a Beetle