My Town In Ten Pics - Baddegama - 2020-11-28

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The past two weeks in steemit passed like a snail with less activity than other weeks. I am passing a critical time of my life as a student. Until I come back, enjoy these few photos of my village.

I took them on the last day I went out, 17th November 2020. I'm following health advice "Stay at Home", so didn't went out after that day.

Public Play Ground

There 2 public grounds in our village. This is one of them. This one is basically used for sports like cricket, football, volleyball, hockey. Kids also come to play in the evening.
Makurugoda Ground Location

Vocational Training Center

This center provides NVQ qualifications for young generation. It is a very famous vocational training center in the whole district. It has the largest auditorium in our village, The landscape design is very attractive.
Vidatha Training Center

Clock Tower

This clock tower situated in the roundabout. Sometimes it shows 4 times on 4 sides. I think it is fixed these days. There is a statue of a Buddhist monk under the clock tower, who did a great service to the country.
Clock Towe

Flood Bund

Flood bunds are very common in my village as there is a river. This is a flood bund. From the right side, you can see a woodlot. The first tree you see is a large tree and people sometimes stop their vehicles and take a rest under the tree. The river is on that side. On the left side, there was a paddy field but now it filled with soil and use as the playground of a school.

Flood Bunt Near Christ Church Boy's College

Nagoda Street

This is not just a street to me. This is the street I went to school with my father. After 1.30 p.m this street crowded with girls and boys. Busses don't go on this road, because road is narrow and there is another road for busses and large vehicles. But still, busses can go if they want. At the end of the road, you'll find another bund. If you walk along the bund, you'll see my school.
Street to School

See you soon!

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You have a public playground? That's unfair... I also took some photos today! Hopefully tomorrow!!!
Btw that location of flood bunt is nice!
#onepercent #srilanka


You have a public playground?

We have two dude. Heee hee hee😜

Btw that location of flood bunt is nice!

I think in your area you don't see flood bunds right? because no floods ne🤓 Location beside flood bunds is so nice. Sometimes it is a different eco system. I'm lucky


No flood bunds! But there are lake bunds basically doing the same job... hahaha loll..😜😜

Location beside flood bunds is so nice

Yeah.... In most of the places of country

Hola gracias por darnos un recorrido por tu pueblo, tiene varios lugares que provoca ir a verlos en persona.



Hee hee.. I went to see your town. You can also share some photos of your town :D


Ok pronto estaré haciendo una publicación para mostrarte donde vivo, porque me mude a comienzo de año y la pandemia me dejo encerrada y no he podido conocer.

Te gustara mucho Yo que te mostrare. gracias por visitar mis publicaciones y tu apoyo .

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Wow! Your town is my town. So my town looks very beautiful 😂❤️
Unfortunately I was unable to take photographs of my town. But I am happy to see my town here 😃


😅😅😅 yes my town is your town.. and now @sandupi will come and say same thing😅 no it is my town is your town


yeah... your town is my town 😍😃😂💪


this is our town . No?🙊 we are lucky to have a beautiful town 😍😍😍


Yeah 😂❤️

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