How I made our cake | Steem Sri Lanka 1st Anniversary | 10% for SL Charity


When it comes to a celebration like a birthday or an anniversary or any special occasion, we don’t forget a cake. A well decorated cake with candles is used for happy occasions.

It is special for us because it is our 1st anniversary of the community. So we should have a cake to celebrate it🤗. Even we cannot meet we can blow candle in our virtual meeting. Therefore I have prepared a cake for this event.

WhatsApp Image 2021-09-14 at 14.10.22.jpeg

As usual, first thing is to decide a design for it. Since the theme of Steem Sri Lanka is green, my cake is green for sure. I wanted to use the lion log for the cake. But I decided not to. Because I know how great I am at drawing 😂. So the logo lion will still stay as proud as always.

After discussing with Randula and Sandu I could finalize our design. It was decided to put characters on cake.

As usual, I baked a cake and crumb coated it. Then I made three shades of green and white for icing. Then those icing was added around the cake using a piping bag. Next thing is neat it. So far, the best tool I have used to neat is a piece of acetate sheet. You can see the shades in below image.

WhatsApp Image 2021-09-14 at 14.07.04.jpeg

My purpose wasn’t neat it completely. I wanted to spread it leaving the marks of the knife. Since my icing spatula is large, I used a little spoon to do that. Then it came out nicely.

WhatsApp Image 2021-09-14 at 14.11.46.jpeg

Then it is coming to the finishing. I have made the letters and roses while my cake was baking. I got them out of the fridge and put them on the cake. Since our members will see the cake from the side, I have put “We 💖 SSL” in a side of the cake also.

I have completed my cake decoration after writing “Happy Anniversary”. Because I was so excited about anniversary, I forgot spelling for Anniversary and checked it again 😅.

WhatsApp Image 2021-09-14 at 14.14.12.jpeg

At the end, it looked nice with the candle 😍.

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its really nice ☺️🎂


Thank you so much 🤗.

You are a very talented cake maker. I know the taste of your cakes. Definitely this one should be really good.😃😋


I have a lot to learn too. I know what your favorite cake is 😉.


What is my favorite?


My fruit cake 😁.

Actually, beautifully designed. dear,
definitely, you must have enjoyed made this cake 💕


Thank you. it makes me happy to decorate it beautifully.

It is very beautiful akke...and very nice gift... 😍😍😍 kallak kannat tibbanam....😋😋😋😋😋


Thank you malli. I will bake cake for everyone of you one day 😁.

You've made e beautiful cake for us 😍😍❤️


A beautiful cake for beautiful people 🥰.

Yummy 😋 It's so sweet dear...❤️


Yum yum 😋😁.

You have made it beautifully....❤️ It shined our anniversary... Not only that. I know it is so yummy....

I forgot spelling for Anniversary and checked it again 😅

Ehema welawata matath mehema weno... hodatama danna ekth kipa parak check krano...😁❤️


Thanku 🥰.
Matama hina akuru mataka nati unama 😅.

Beautiful dear.I could not eat a piece of icing cake during the curfew.


May be you can make a little one at home.

Cake looks yummy. 😍


Yes it is 😁.

It looks very nice and delicious. Thanking for made our day with your beautiful cake. I feel very sorry about, we were unable to taste your cake. But I'm sure it was very yummy... 😋😋😋


Thank you so much. next time let's taste a cake together 🤗.

It's so delicious, time and distance I can't taste the cake.


May be one day, we will be able to fly to each others country.

Its beautiful akke 😍😍 , Ilaga para aka apitath kanna puluvn veine 😁


Ow ehema wewi. hemotama kanna puluwan wei 😁.

mn hithuwa wagema oya thama ehenm hadala thiyenne.. lassanai. rasath athi e wagema


Ow ow kattiya puduma karanna meeting ekedima pennanna hitiya 🙊.

It looks so delicious. Actually, it would be nice to have a piece of that cake.😋😁 Thank you for making our day delicious with that cake Rasi💓


Hope we will be able to gather at one place next time. Then we can eat a yummy cake 😁😁.