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From our previous article, you can take a basic idea of what is #club5050 and what is expected under #club5050. From this article, we are going to officially announce the Steem Sri Lanka version of #club5050 which we are going to launch from today.

Warning! This post will contain "50"s multiple times. Please read carefully

Introduction to #club5050 SSL Version

While @steemcurator01 votes on selected #club5050 posts up to his criteria, @steem-sri.lanka is also willing to vote with 50% to selected club5050 posts in the community.

In addition to joining #club5050, if the particular user had delegated at least 50% of their SP to @steem-sri.lanka in order to power the community curation, he is eligible to a 50% vote from @steem-sri.lanka.

Also, we have decided to launch our weekly picks selection again with club5050 eligible posts.

Steem Sri Lanka club5050 version in Nut Shell

  • We all invite you to join #club5050 and we will select 5 weekly picks among them every Saturday.
  • If you use the # tag, you MUST add a screenshot that shows your powerup percentage of last month ending from the particular day. You can use Steemcryptic Tool to this.
  • If you are in #club5050 and also you have delegated more than 50% of you SP to @steem-sri.lanka while being active in the community, you are eligible to receive a 50% vote from @steem-sri.lanka (worth 3.5$)
  • In all cases we prioritize Sri Lankan members who actively contribute to the community's growth.

Please keep in mind that we can not vote each and every post with 50% due to limited VP. If you are eligible, at least 1 post will receive the vote

Our Objective

  1. Encouraging members to join #club5050
  2. Encouraging members to delegate @steem-sri.lanka

The program is started from NOW and please make sure to add a screenshot that visualizes the percentage that you have powered up at the end of the post.

Ex: @steem-sri.lanka

10% to SL-Charity

community footer sl.png

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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This will be a great motivation for the members to join #club5050

This is really cool, #club5050

A good plant to go with #club5050

This is great. It is showing clearly what we have done.

Great guidance from @steem-sri.lanka 🥰🥰