Steem Sri Lanka Anniversary Celebration Video!


Few more hours to 12th of September! It is time to release this small video clip to recall our sweet memories of last year!

Stay proud on all the achievements we had! Keep working to achieve more! Thanks you for all your contribution towards the success of our community!


community footer sl.png


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This video called back all the memories we had together❤️🥺 we love you SSL ❤️
Keep growing 🌹😘

This is very lovely creation. SSL have done lots of great things. Lets continue our good works😇🙌🥳

What an AWESOME Video for an AWESOME Community - great work everyone involved with Team SL.

Whoever put together this video together, take a bow

Go Team SL

!upvote 100


Great job as always I loved this video :D continue here growing everyday


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Nicely done ♥️

Cheers for SSL 🍻

Just wow... 😍😍😍 This is what we called FaMiLy.... 🤩🤩

wow 😍. This video is very lovely.

I think no one missed in this video, I loved the contribution of SL charity during corona pandemic. I appreciate this mankind always. Stay blessed SSL community ❤️💕💖

Wow’s amazing video.😍😍😍😍 big surprise ❤️❤️❤️

Awesome video clip... Happy anniversary Steem Sri Lanka. We can make a better world tomorrow, congrats to all members😍😍

Excellent video, a great path, let the community continue to grow !!

It's like dreaming everyone is in the video, I think this is perfect. lots of smiling faces this year of celebration.. congrats SSL.

Thank You so much

Everyone is lovely.loke a family.

Wow, I was very touched by this video and it makes me feel proud of this community that welcomes everyone with warmth. In a short time the journey has been a long one, I wish you all the success of the world.
A big hug to all, I am glad to be here.

Superb, Happy anniversary

A nice video clip full of all the memories. ❤️ #ilovessl ❤️

This video bring back all the memories with Steem Sri Lanka!! 🥺♥️
I wish all the sucess for our community and love you guys! 😍

This video is wow.... We have done so many things within one year.... Let's do more.....

Happy Anniversary Steem Sri Lanka.....❤️

I have no words to say... I am very proud of my team.... @steem-sri.lanka....

Its amazing 😍😍😍