We are 100K SP Now.. Thank You! | 20% to SL-Charity

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We are happy to announce, @steem-sri.lanka just passed the 100 000 SP milestone.

Steem Sri Lanka community created on Sep 12, 2020. After a month, on Oct 24, 2020, with the following comment, the idea of creating a community curator account came out.


The curator account @steem-sri.lanka announced with a 4000SP initial Steem Power delegation. You can see our remarkable milestones in the following chart.

Steem PowerDate# Delegators
15 000Nov 20, 202010
20 000Dec 10, 202013
25 000Dec 27, 202018
40 000Jan 19, 202121
50 000Jan 20, 202122
70 000Feb 16, 202133
80 000Feb 28, 202144
91 000Apr 07, 202152
100 000Apr 12, 202163

Within 7 months, we were able to pass 100K SP with massive help from members both from Sri Lanka and other countries.

Secrets of Success

  1. Our members
    The best strength we have is our members. Almost every member continuously increases the delegations and holds their steem power for a long time in @steem-sri.lanka. They are supporting to keep the account stable during ups and downs of other delegators.

  2. Support from other countries
    We have delegators from all over the world including Bangladesh, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, New zealand, Nigeria, Pakistan, Russia Singapore, , Uganda, Ukraine, United State and Venezuela. Most of the larger delegators are from other countries. The support they are giving is unforgettable. ( @steem-agora - 10K, @steem.history - 8K, steemcurator01 - 7.2K , @yohan2on - 5K, @damithudaya (SL) - 4.7K )

  3. Broader support we give over the steemit
    Our curation support goes beyond the community. We curate good posts by selecting and also curate posts submitted via discord post promotions. It helped us create a good reputation as a curator account. Our favour is creative writings and useful articles/activities that take less attention.

  4. Protecting the trust of delegators and higher return in terms of rewards
    @steem-sri.lanka returns 80% of the curation rewards to delegators as per percentage of their delegation. We don’t use bias when calculating returns. So that both larger delegators and lower delegators get a fair amount of reward return. We are providing considerably higher upvotes for delegators compared to other curation projects. Mean time all the posters of our community are provided with votes up to the usefulness and creativity of their content. Steem Power is not used for self-voting or any other circular votes.

Behind the Scenes

The output you see as Steem Sri Lanka is not from a single man work. When the community started, only 4-5 posters were there, with very low payouts like 0.09$.. By the time posters increased one by one and now around 30 Sri Lankan members are posting in the community. We never let them to get payouts less than 2$ at the moment and we are continuously working on possible ways to increase the minimum payout.

Our members from Sri Lanka play a huge role behind the scene. They actively join the planning of events by adding their valuable ideas and opinions. Members gave a huge contribution to events like Steem Sri Lanka Contest Series, Christmas Celebration and SL-Charity by spending their valuable time and giving their generous support by Steem, SBD and SP. And they witness how much they received back from the community.

Today in the morning it was 95K SP and the red line you see in the following screenshot is the point we reached 99K SP. After short notice, many of the members started to increase delegations with amounts as they have and finally passed 100K SP within 1h. As a small community, this is the togetherness we have made with all the events we organized so far.


Why am I writing this section, recently we saw some heartbreaking comments here and there by strange low reputation accounts by challenging our activities. I am wondering why they appeared suddenly and disappeared suddenly. We will not reverse our plans and strategies due to comments of reasonless people.

Future Plans

Our next recent aim is reaching 107 200SP before the delegation of steemcuraor01 is removed. In terms of Steem Power, the account has 13,857.48 SP of its own. We are taking the advantage of the current price of steem as well as keeping the account powering up continuously. We power up more than or equals 50% of SBD we get as payouts and the rest of the SBD are sent to hold as USDT. Our plan is to start rebuying Steem at 0.50$ and going down stage by stage as 0.40$, 0.30$ etc.

We already have 100K and we expect to achieve a fast increase of SP at a price change. Our ultimate goal is self-sustainability and producing at least 10$ vote on a meaningful post under manageable voting mana (ex: 30%, 40%) by our own curation account. We have already identified the importance of the power of our main account @steem-sri.lanka and also the need for a strong curation trail in order to achieve this goal. While managing a high effective power in the main account, next we will focus on increasing the power of our curation trail.

Meantime we want to make the understanding of the next generation from Sri Lanka about the importance of powering up, delegating, engaging, and working as a community which is the most difficult part. Leaders must appear to keep the progress of the community.


We Are 100K! This is Nothing But a Result of a Team Effort!!!

You are now open to join our Discord channel

community footer sl.png

20% of the payout of this post set to @sl-charity

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Congratulations !

There could only really be one vote level for this.

Great work and a great example to other communities.


We appreciate this surprise vote.🥰

When you propose the idea of a curation account we didn't believe that we can come this far. Right time right decisions. This achievement is just a dream without you. Thank you for everything you have given from the beginning. The real owners of this vote are the Team members Of SSL. 💖


And it great to see the progress of the SL-Charity as well.

Thank you for organizing that. It is great to demonstrate the power of Steem in the wider community.

wow! congratulation, hope to be like you someday.

congratulations for the achievement. great job.

Woow.. a great success . Congratulations ❤❤❤😍


Thank you.. Keep it up, your good works

Congratulation 👍


Thank you so much Toufiq

This is a great success and thanks for everyone who supported this😍😍


Sorry for breaking your nap. And thank you for everything you do as a newly join member.

Good stuff Team SL!!


Thank you Kiwiscanfly.. And thank you for being with us from the beginning. And stay with us forever.

Feliz de que hayáis conseguido el objetivo. Hay que seguir creciendo y haciendo la comunidad más grande llegando a más personas. 😉


Thank you for being a generous delegator..

This is such a Great milestone. Team-work is indeed a valuable thing. Keep it up!


You gave a kick start to this yesterday. Ha haa... Thank you for holding your steem power in @steem-sri.lanka. It is a good strength.

A great curation project! you desserve it and more, continue growing up friends!


Thanks Alejos. Thank you for working with us

So happy for this great success💕😍
We are strong together🤗


You are right, we are strong together

Felicitaciones. Un gran impulso.


Thank you very much for being around us

Felicito a esta maravillosa comunidad❤️


Thank you very much Scarleet

This week will never be forgotten. Because of the victories, we have achieved one after another. My warmest congratulations


You are correct. So many good things happened.. Let's keep going

This can only be achieved by hardwork. Big congratulations to you team SL. More ground breaking achievements.


It is all about togetherness. Thank you very much

Woow.. a great success .. um very happy and proud of SSL.. let's work for the next achievement 😍❤️ congratulations SSL❤️


Let's go for next milestone together


Congratulations steem srilanka ! Proud of you


Thank you for being a part of proudness

This made my day ❤
So happy and excited early in the morning.
We did it together and Let's grow together!! ❤


Let's get together to grow!

great success and congratulations SSL 😍❤️


You are doing a great job. Keep doing

We achieved it before we planned. Love SSL 🥰.


Yeah.. as usual ;)


Congrats for This!

You has done a really good Job as comunity.


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Thank you for being a generous delegator

Good news,



Thank you very much

Can't express the happiness right now. The best New year gift for us. 😍❤️
Didn't think we could achieve this milestone so fast. Our telegram group knows the effort taken by all the members, leading by randula.
As we always said, miracles do happen right?

Thank you for everyone for the support and cheers to all.. ❤️❤️


The best New year gift for us

Yes. So far we always achieved our targets before the expected date..

Our telegram group knows the effort taken by all the members

What a massive brainstorming and togetherness. We have to talk about it one day Damith.

As we always said, miracles do happen right?

Delegators/we are the angels 👸

Congratulations !100K SP. wonderful happy day.


this is historical. Isn't it? ;)

Congratulations ... We have more to go... Cheers

its a great idea for new users, thanks for this post

12/04/2021 is another golden day of Steem Sri Lanka 😍



I❤️SSL too

Everything came into my mind like a movie while reading this. The way here was not easy but we had a good team. ❤️ Hope we can achieve our next target very soon. Don’t worry. 😉


here was not easy but we had a good team.

That's completely correct

Wow!Congratulations..really happy.


yeah a happy moment

Weldone ❤️ Team SSL 🌹
Many many Congratulations from My side
Wish you More Success .


Thank you so much Rashid. We wish success of Steemit Pakistan!

That is huge achievement Congratulations for that.


Thank you for being a delegator of @steem-sri.lanka

congratulations, for more

Congratulations, hopefully it will become a better community in the future


Thank you for being a generous delegator!

Congratulations for your 100K SP my friends, keep up, you all are doing a good job

#onepercent #venezuela #affable


Thank you for being a delegator and also keeping touch with us


@steem-sri.lanka we are friends :) it's a pleasure to be within this family

Que hermoso como toda la comunidad de sri Lanka se apoya entre si, demuestran cada día que en el la unión está la fuerza. Saludos desde Venezuela Dios los siga bendiciendo grandemente y que esos planes a futuro sobrepasen lo que se estima alcanza actualmente.

Thank you Venezuela! Let's Get Together to Grow!

Felicitaciones! Que continúen los logros de la Comunidad, y que sirva de motivación para otras comunidades.

Wow, this is increible. Congratulations! 🤗 Greetings from Venezuela. ✨

Congratulations on reaching this Huge Milestone, wishing you the best for the future.

felicitaciones y que vengan mas.. amen

Congratulations for this achievement! This community is doing great. Keep it up 🎉

This is such an inspiration as we are also building our own community here in the Philippines. The Steemit Philippines Community. Thank to @steemcurator01 for unending support. We've just passed more than 2 weeks already and looking forward to the growth of it every day.

Wow.. we did it..

Let's walk through 107 200SP


Let's walk through 107 200SP

See, what a definite target 😉

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That is huge achievement Congratulations for that.

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