[CLOSED] You are Now Open to Order Steem Sri Lanka Steem Promotion T-Shirt | Sri Lanka Exclusive

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We are so exited to announce that we are now working to print our STEEM printed t-shirt.

The Design

Design credit - @ashen99

The T-shirt will be on black color.

Approximate Cost

Approximate cost for t-shirt = 1000 LKR
We will handle the delivery charges of approximately 300 LKR

Please note that we are willing to offer the t-shirt for free for the Sri Lankan members who involve actively in community events including charity events, organizing contests and promotions.

Members who haven't full filled this requirement can send the STEEM amount related to 1000 LKR (~ 8 STEEM) to @steem-sri.lanka with the memo of "T-Shirt Fee". Any extra STEEM will be returned.

If you really want the T-Shirt but you don't have STEEM, please contact us via discord channel.

Order the Tshirt

Please fill this google form with your details. Please note that we deliver only within Sri Lanka


Deadline for the form : 15th of October 2021

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😍😍😍😍 Waiting to dress this...

What a good news! Looking forward to dressing this.😇

wow, this is really great, amazing. 😍 everyone will love the surprise. 💚

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wow I loved the design, this could be a great business of selling tshirt. Good luck ssl team and lion


actually we are giving it for free for hardworking members :)


Wow that's really great dear, I wish you more success in upcoming years.