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Hello guys,

how are you?. I believe everyone is fine and healthy. We can have make mistakes and avoid them. It doesn't matter if it's the first time or the second time. But more than that, if you make those mistakes, avoidance, shortcomings, it is something that should never be done. Deliberate mistakes. This causes embarrassment not only to the wrongdoer but to everyone associated with him. Therefore, there are some things that can be done correctly without being insulted / insulted by anyone. See if you did things like this.

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You borrow money from someone. Not just money. Sometimes it can be a book, a pen, an umbrella, a dress, even a dress. Be sure to give it back to the lender before they ask for it. It is easy for both parties to specify a date. If you receive a garment, clothing, or item on a return promise, wash and clean it before requesting it and return it in its original form.
It is the nature of your self-esteem and honesty.

If you call someone else and do not try more than twice you are great. This is because the person to be contacted may be present at another special occasion and may be a hint that your call is unwanted. Self-esteem is more important than anyone.

Don't ask strangers, "Why aren't you married yet, do you have a job, do you not have a car yet?" Because they are not your problems. Imagine the embarrassment you would feel if you were in such a situation.

Another thing to think about is when someone invites you over for a meal. Do not order expensive food at that time.
Remember that he invited you to join the friendship and not to look at your arrogance and embarrass him.

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If you say this you really have a high quality. If someone helps you, say 'thank you' in return. It is your humility.

If you are traveling with your friend to work in a three-wheeler, please be kind enough to pay for it the next time you pay.
It is enough to appreciate his service.

Do not always have your own opinion on everything. Respect other opinions. Remember that there is at least one other option for everything.
The second option better more than in your opinion.

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By making the mistakes mentioned above, you will indeed earn the respect and love of others.

Thanking you,

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Why aren't you married yet, do you have a job, do you not have a car yet?" Because they are not your problems

Old generation still ask this kind of questions which makes others uncomfortable. New gen should get rid of this


Of course dr. I don't konw old generation why doing like this.all are same.

When we borrow something from someone, it’s really import to give it back as soon as possible. What you have mentioned is really correct. 🙌


Thanks malli

All the things you have mentioned is really important and very helpful to live happily. We should think twice before doing something to someone what you will feel if he do that to you.


Not only our side, must think other side also.

Some people still do not understand these things.


Ya,that's why suffer.