New One Love Logo's Are Complete!


new onelove logos.png

New Logo's Thanks To @Chimzycash

We started looking into a redesign of our logo at about the time STEEM and HIVE split. Not because we wish not to support DTube but have found some of our projects are starting to surpass what our small #OneLoveDTube community started as.

The Call, first answered by @DTLDesign with a solid concept. I (@d00k13) then went ahead with seeking further input and refinement. Since I have always been a big fan of what @Chimzycash does for designs on so it was an obvious choice to make.

We Are Pleased With The Results

Untitled design 2.png

The dark theme has 2 options for color type and 2 layouts. Also has sizes for swag and all the image pieces required for further design creation. My favorite is the red and white color type under the heart, what about you?

Untitled design 3.png
The light theme has a few more options in color type. Same as the dark theme for sizing and what not, full package availble. I really like how when I took that heart for the light theme and laid it over top of a dark DTube blue background it blended perfectly!

🔥 You Nailed It @Chimzycash 🔥

Much Appreciated 🙏 @OneLoveDTube

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We Will Get There Together

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