OneLoveIPFS uploader v1.0: New landing page & some API changes

5개월 전

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Today marks the major release of OneLoveIPFS uploader, versioned 1.0, which contains breaking changes to some APIs, performance improvements and more.

Multi-threaded uploads

Since the first version till now, OneLoveIPFS uploader has been using single-threaded uploads, where each chunk of a file is uploaded one by one to the server. While this works most of the time, it results in a poor upload performance as network bandwidth is not well utilized.

The latest major release of tus-js-client that facilitates resumable video uploads, includes a new option called parallelUploads that enables the usage of concatenation extension in tusd upload servers. This allows multiple file chunks to be uploaded at the same time, making better use of network bandwidth hence improves upload performance.

From v1.0 onwards, videos uploads through our upload interface will be using 10 threads by default (up from 1 thread from previous versions), with the ability for the end-user to adjust this number coming soon in future releases.

Tus upload API changes

This would mean that for applications using our upload APIs, some code changes will be required to enable multi-threaded uploads, as well as enabling upload resumability for the v2 release of tus-js-client. Please refer to the updated documentation on resumable uploads here for the new implementation details.

The code changes have been made on the DTube frontend in this commit.

New landing page

oneloveipfs landing page v1.0.png

After 2 years since its inception, the landing page is finally getting a refresh, filled with information of what we can offer after several updates. Head onto and scroll through the new page!

New Shawp payment methods

When the Steem HF23 went through (not to be confused with Hive HF23), it was clear that we have to work on adding new payment methods, in addition to Steem and Hive payments that was implemented when Shawp was first introduced.

Thus, we have added Coinbase Commerce payments, which allows Shawp to accept a range of coins, including BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC, USDC and DAI. Select "Coinbase" as the payment method in signup (or refill credits) to pay with these coins.

Other API changes

These breaking changes do not affect end-users who are using our upload interface.

Depreciating non-resumable video uploads

When resumable uploads were introduced in v0.9.3 update, it became the preferred method of interacting with our video upload API due to better reliability. In v0.9.4, we added Skynet upload support, which is only available on our resumable video upload API.

Therefore it's time to say goodbye to the Multer based non-resumable video upload API, making Tus resumable uploads the only way to interact with our video upload API (our tusd endpoint is

Back to subdomain

When we added resumable uploads, we had some issues with submitting video upload requests from the subdomain, hence a temporary change was required. Now that it's fixed, it's now back to the same subdomain as what it was originally!

Changes in global statistics API

For those who are using our APIs for obtaining uploader statistics, we have combined the 2 API endpoints (/totalUsage and /totalUploadCount) into one single endpoint, called /stats.

If you have any enquiries regarding our uploader, feel free to contact us on our Discord server.

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