All Active Members - An Announcement Post

2년 전

This post is an announcement. First of all there are some points for @steemcurator01 sir, with all respect.

  • I am elder user on steemit from 2018, and I was active always.

  • When I applied for a CR first time you made another person a CR who did not applied, and voted for me. Plus he was very new user among of me.

  • I created community for Pakistan users very first time. I worked to promote steemit in Pakistan through different variety of ways.

  • Steem Pakistan this community is the largest community on steemit for Pakistani steemians with 153 subscribers. Just we needed support to be active here.

  • When I saw the community is going null, I applied and asked another time for CR. If I were became a CR I have made this community more large and more active.

  • But you created CR from the community where no need of that. That's good.


All subscribers of Steem Pakistan can post straight forward in this community (if you all want). Because there will no rewards for you.
2nd option join Steemit Pakistan community on steemit platform so you can get the reward for your efforts. As @steemcurator07 is now being fixed there.



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