Betterlife - The Diary Game Season 3 - 22/10/2020 - My Today's Activity

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Assalam u alikum beautiful people welcome to another diary post..

I slept late last night, after watching an Indian movie of Mr perfectionist Amir Khan. I had the movie downloaded in YouTube app. That's why I woke up late today, and for that I got a punishment. I got breakfast after 1 hour of my waking. It was little punishment from home.

Then I did talk with a friend for our "hidden purpose for now". I will share that if we will do work correctly on that. So if we shouldn't, there is no way for talking for a work which can't be done. We had long talk we divided works between us and I started doing my work.

Still I was working while I was eating lunch. Then I played a game on my mobile, while I was playing game I got a message of my friend and we started talking. We made a plan for playing snooker after long time of meeting at snooker. We played snooker for 2 hours. It is very big amount of time I have ever spent in a snooker club. We was talking after getting tired of playing. We was looking great players of snooker, I was surprised when I saw there a break of 40+. It is very amazing thing for me.

I left him and I brought some needy things for home like vegetables yogurt. I purchased ice cake pretty for my self. After long time I ate Ice cake pretty, it was delicious.


I am now waiting for dinner, and writing my diary post. I hope I am improving my writing in English as well as in diary. Now I have a plan for dinner and I am planning to go to market again in some time. I have some important work there. Winter is started here, it is very cold now. I am thinking for my condition when I will go down again. But I have to go. Winter is good season but with some difficulties, like you face very cold in morning as well as in night. So good night.

Here the diary needs and end. I will try more quality and length next time. @abdt!

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