Earn Bitcoin Passively Community Rules and Regulation

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Cryptotab browser is a modified chrome browser that pays you for browsing. You accumulate bitcoin passively for using crytotab browser. You can download and install cryptotab browser for andriod , IOS, windows , Mac, etc


Cryptotab also rewards you in multiple levels of referrals upto the 10th generation


Onedollarbtc is an ewallet system with a multilevel referral system that cost $1 to activate. You make free global transfers without fees. It is a good alternative to paypal, payoneer, etc. You can also accumulate bitcoin passively.


This group is going to revolve around these two programs. We will form a strong team and help each other grow. So here are the rules that we must all follow to achieve success together.


When you have subscribed to this community. If you were invited to this community Check for the links of the person that invited you in the comment section And use it to sign up to these programs, if you subscribed through community search listing, click on activity log to check for the last subscriber of this community before you and check the comment section of this post for their referral links.
After you have signed up , drop your referral links on the comment section in the format shown below


Note, you can sign up to onedollarbtc free but if you do not activate a position with at least $1, you will not begin to earn from the program and also if you sign up and drop your onedollarbtc link without activating by purchasing a position and your referral link is used, if the person using your link activates a position before you do, you loose some earnings to your upline pending when you activate your position.

Lets get inviting steemians to join our community, and make money as we grow.

You can also trade onedollarbtc funds using the admin as escrow.

Welcome to the community

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