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Phase0: Registration

  • Write here if you are interested to participate in the tournament.
    signup closed
  • Argue here, which ability squares will be completely OP/UP and so should get a cost change and which spells should get added. Final rules set now.
  • You should already start phase1.

Phase1: PieceMaking and ArmyBuilding [Finished]


  • You will create a 77 cost army.
  • 7 champions and 1 King on row 1
  • 8 minions on row 2
  • You may not use more than 2 copies of champions with the same cost, you can create 7 champions with very similar move sets tho.
  • You will play with the same champions and King for the hole tournament.
  • You will have to publish your 7 champions and your king, before Phase2 starts.
  • Also write which Ceo pieces will represent your Champions and King.
  • You may create a new army after each game, with other minions, another minion sequence or another champion+King sequence.
  • You may create different armies for the case of getting black or white every round, which can be completely different, besides having the same King and champions.

Create your own pieces using the following rules:

  • You will create your own champions
  • You may not use every Ceo champion, but if you can create an exact copy of their move set, you may use the move set using the price system of the tournament [see below].
  • Horizontal Symmetry is required. However, Vertical Symmetry is not required.
  • You may only use abilities and ability square destinations, which are described here
Additionally you may use following utility ceo champions at ceo cost:
  • Summoner0-+++
  • GravityMage0-+++
Cost system:

Forward and Backward ability modifier:

  • Forward squares cost 1.5x the specified price
  • Backward squares cost 0.5x the specified price
  • Move or Attack costs as following:
  • Blockables:
  • every range1 square: 0,75 cost (Unblockable not allowed)
  • every range2 square: 0,5 cost
  • every range3 square: 0,4 cost
  • every range4 square: 0,3 cost
  • every range5 square: 0,3 cost
  • every range6 square: 0,35 cost
  • every range7 square: 0,4 cost
  • (Unblockables):
  • every range2 (Unblockable) square: 0,75 cost
  • every range3 (Unblockable) square: 1 cost
    Champions which contain range3 (Unblockable) target enemy may not act or get deplaced by allies until turn 3.
    Champions may not have more than 2 range3 (Unblockables), which can target enemy forward.
    Champions which have range3 (Unblockable) target enemy may not take range4 (Unblockable) Teleports.
  • Attack only costs as following:

0,8x the price of „Move or Attack” squares

  • Move only costs as following:
  • 0,5x the price of „Move or Attack” squares [(Unblockable) Move or Attack x 0,5 = (Unblockable) Teleport]
  • range 4-7 (Unblockable) Teleport square: 0,5 cost
  • Swap places with ally costs as following:
  • 0,5x the price of „Move or Attack” squares.
  • This cost can also get used to add swap places with ally to an ability square which is already having other abilities.
  • Swap places with enemy costs as following:
  • 0,5x the price of „Move or Attack” squares.
  • This cost can also get used to add swap places with enemy to an ability square which is already having other abilities. (It can not get added to squares which contain other abilities which can target enemies [e.g. Attack])
  • 0,7x the price of Move or Attack squares for range3 (unblockable) swap enemies.
  • This cost can also get used to add, swap with enemy to an ability square which is already having other abilities (It can not get added to squares which can target enemies [e.g. Attack]).
  • Push Unit up to 3 spaces away (targeted Unit may not immediately move back to this position) :

0,3x the price of Move or Attack squares.

  • (Path)
  • You may use any kind of ability (i.e. Move, Attack, swap places with ally, swap places with enemy and Push Unit up to 3 spaces away and the allowed combinations of those) as a blockable (Path) ability. One side of the path square needs to be the anchor (any ability including path), while the other side has to be an open tile or another path square.
  • Path squares cannot be range 1.
  • Path squares use the prize of the used ability.
  • AnchorPrizeRule: But it also considers the prize of the used ability as if it was on the start anchor [If the anchor is (Unblockable) this part is considered (Unblockable) too].
    The prize will be the start anchor prize + the ability prize / 2.
    Example: If there is a Range 3 (Unblockable) Attack only as the anchor (start anchor) and two diagonal (Path) move only on range 4 (anchor 2) and 5,
    then the range 5 path will cost as following:
    range 5 Move only= 0,3x0,5 anchor position: range 3 teleport=1x0,5 path prize=(0,3x0,5+1x0,5):2=0,325
  • The AnchorPrizeRule will only be applied if it will create a higher prize.
  • (To get the correct horizontal symmetry use Main-gi's CustomPieceMaker)
  • Some characteristics can change the cost of the unit:
  1. Colourbound piece (can reach up to 32 squares of the board): Price x 0,8 (with swappers or in the corner), Price x0,65 (without swappers)
  2. Double colourbound piece#1 (can reach up to 16 squares of the board): Price x 0,5 (without swappers)
  3. Double colourbound piece#2 (can reach up to 8 squares of the board): Price x0,4 (without swappers)
  4. After calculating the price of your piece, the price will be rounded up (e.g. 1,2 cost piece= 2 cost piece)

standard King: costs 0
You may add one of the following effects:

  1. add: (Passive) Block one normal attack from this location, and lose this ability. costs 1 per square
  2. add: Cannot be targeted by enemies from more than 2 spaces away. costs 10
  3. add: acts like a Queen (castle still available and so prioritized over Queen move) , cannot move though check!). costs 18
  4. add: acts only like a Knight (can still castle as well). costs 6

You don't create your own minions.

You can use following ceo minions:

Apprentice0, Butterfly0, Dove0, Duelist0 (limited to 2 copies), Frog0, Hoplite0, Nexus0, Pawn0, Penguin0, Portal0, Princess+++, Salamander0, Shieldsman0, Spider0, Undine0

Phase2: PlayingTheGame

  • Phase2 will be a round-robin and in best of 1 mode.
  • The first named has white.
  • Color and pairings of round 1 will be random. Color of following rounds will be decided, by who had black the most times, if both had black the same times, it's again random.(obsolete for round-robin)
  • The correspondence takes place in private discord messages (or another not public way if both parties agree). Safe the final replay if the replay makes any sense.
  • Start the correspondence with sending your replay code of your starting position to your opponent.
  • There is no morale decay or morale lose.
  • Threefold repetition is applied to be a draw.
  • Moving King into check is illegal (attack squares are the only ability which is considered check).
  • checkmate wins
  • Stalemate is a draw.
  • 50 moves without moving a minion or capturing is a draw.
  • You may always arrange a draw, if both sides agree.
  • Castling is only allowed if the involved pieces are in their starting position and if they didn't move yet. Castling is not allowed if the King is in check or if he would castle though check. (For long castling the King unlike in CEO moves two squares, simmilar to chess castling)
  • Illegal moves get taken back, as soon as they are detected, even in retrospect.
    (For a move to be legal, the replay just has to „represent” a legal move, it's ok to simulate a move with multiple moves)
    The 3rd illegal move in a game loses.
  • I recommend using another piece than King to represent King to make sure tricking falling to 0 morale, alternatively you may increase morale for both sides by e.g. 1000.
  • Represent your pieces with pieces, which can simulate the move set of your piece as easy as possible in the lab, or if not there at least in the replay tool. It would also be preferable to represent your champions with champions of similar or even the same cost.


1st Place 35 rp+ 95 rp
2nd Place 25rp+ 65 rp
3rd Place 15 rp+ 40 rp
Prizes may increase, if I get more crowns or if there are sponsors.

  • I will participate in the tournament myself, if nobody disagrees. If I'm in top 3, the 4th place gets a price as well, since I'm out of competition for the prizes sponsored by me. I'm assuming Username handles this similar.


Username_taken12: 200 rp


  • The tournament is designed to have a slow pace.
    E.g. when I closed registration and a registered player takes longer than the other players to publish his champions and king, there must be a significant time gap to Phase2, so the earlier posters have no significant disadvantage in preparation.



1.) Username_taken12
2.) GodOfTomatoes
3.) main_gi
4.) e3Gewinnt (me [skipped for prize order])

Current schedule:

Signup until 15th November (Signup closed)

Participants post your champions and King under the intended comment now. [Finished]

Phase2: Pairings are published in another post.
Round 1 games should start no later than 4th February, if both sides have finished their piece order for the round and both agree, they can also start earlier.


  1. Added Path
  2. Forward and backward ability modifier added (Forward: All 15x7 possible forward squares; backward: All 15x7 possible backward squares)
  3. Princess0-++ are not allowed anymore, since they are straight up weaker than Princess+++.
  4. Combining range 3 (Unblockable) target enemy with range 4 (Unblockable) Teleport on the same piece is now banned.
  5. Forward and backward ability modifier changed to 0.5 and 1.5. Teleports still useless.
    It is planned to make no more rule changes.
  • Reminder: As announced on Discord a few days ago, Phase2 will be a round-robin tournament.
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This is gonna be nuts to try and play, but good luck to anyone who does! Would love to try and figure out a replay haha.

Useful Links:

sometimes i wonder if you're pulling a skid1 and trolling with some of these your misspellings lol (anchor, ankor)

Neat idea but awfully complex for your first tournament. Hey if you want to involve Path it's your choice...

You probably want a more fair system if you personally participate in the tournament. I don't think just giving prizes to the next person over is optimal, because that means most matches with anyone playing against you, don't affect the final outcome (like if you were playing 3rd vs. 4th place match). For my own next tournament I was thinking about lopsiding the prizes so there is incentive to win or something (like if I got 2nd place, boosted rewards for 1st place and less rewards for 3rd and 4th)

Clarify "You may not use every Ceo Champion" more? It means you can't use any CEO champions at their normal costs (except Summoner/GravityMage), unless you can recreate it with the rules and it will use the cost given by those rules.


All four pieces are valid.


Heh. It's underpriced. I'll definitely use this for my army thing.


Heh. It's underpriced.
I'll definitely use this
For my army thing.

                 - notkevin44x

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.


Sure I guess I'll register

My first army is:
Duelist, Hoplite, Hoplite, Hoplite, Duelist, Salamander, Salamander, Salamander

Leviathan, Manor, Castle, Manor, Summoner+, SuperDummy, SuperDummy, King


Castle costs: 6+2+1,6+1,2+1,2 (Move or Attack) + 1,3x0,35+1,3x0,4 (Move only and Attack only)=12,975=13
Leviathan costs:6+4+3,2+2,4 (Move or Attack) +1,2 (Move only) +3 (Teleport) =19,8=20
Other costs are correct.

So the army would cost:


So despite the fact, that two Champs were too cheap, there are still 7 points to spend for this army.
The army follows all rules.

Notice that you won't have to publish your final armies, just the Champions and King that you will use.


If I get rid of the teleports will the leviathan be okay? Also if I remove one move/attack on the x axis will castle be okay? Or maybe even switch it to a move only or attack only? Also I forgot to say but my king is the stealth one that costs 10.


Leviathan would cost 18, if it had 2 Teleport squares instead of 6.
You could also change the Teleports to (Path) Move only, to make him cost exactly 18.

Range2 (Move or Attack) costs 0,5, higher range squares cost less, so you would need to give Castle a Range2 blind spot, if you want to make it cost 12, by removing 2 squares from the x-axis.

You would need to convert quite much Move or Attack squares to Move only squares, to make him cost 12 with that method.


Okay I'll just use those two then

My First collection of units to show off:
(Btw anyone can use these units if they want but since I took the time to think them up send me 1 rp if you win a prize pls)
PieceMaker-Castrized Dragon.png
PieceMaker-Castrized Demon.png


The move set of FlightlessDragon is invalid, aswell as the move set of UnfetteredDragon and FlightlessDemon. If someone would use them, he couldn't use the blockable squares, which aren't on his lines or diagonals.
If you like I will add path, to the options.
Most costs are correct. CastrizedDemon costs 0,75x8+0,5x8=10 Demon++ costs 10+0,75x4+0,5x4+0,4x4+0,3x4=17,8=18


Can you please add path to the list then? Cause I feel like paying the unblockable price is a bit absurd for wanting those attack squares.
Also I just realized where I messed up on my demon costs: I forgot to do the other half of the knight squares; for some reason I multiplied by 4 instead of 8


The PathRule will add infinte chrazzy legal move sets.
Here just some simple FlightlessDragons:

Also I did this:
Of corse anyone can use the colourboundies in the tournament.

(Eagle Hawk is a 12 cost FC Unit, which hasn't the Move only squares btw.)
(Notice costs of the colourboundies aren't correct anymore)

  1. So we create our own pieces to use in the tourney?
  2. Can you please use the markdown styling guide and make that more readable? If you don't know how for the different phases make them like this: "#### Phase 1", without the parentheses it'll look like this:

Phase 1

Also you can use numbers such as "1)" to do this:

Or you can use "*" for:

Also you can use ">" to do this:

isn't that a lot neater?

  1. Yes
  2. I hope it' s nicely readable now (:

Thank you, it's a lot better now and much easier to figure everything out with the organization

signing up despite rule stupidity

How is Username a participant but I'm not?


As far as I'm aware you didn't write something, like you want to sign up yet, but I guess I count this message (:

Am I allowed to use this for my army?



xD The passive is not allowed, the moveset without passive would work, and would cost 4/5/6/8.


But that piece will be extremely weak without it. Can you please reconsider?


No. We don't want to create cancer in our Labs.

Participants post your official champions and King as an aswer to this comment.

Write, which CEO pieces will represent your piece in the tournament, you might decide that by an easy usable move set, by the champion cost or by flavor. This choice is free and can be arbitrary.
Also write how much copies of each champion you will use.



represented by Phalanx:


1 copy represented by Dragon+:

1 copy
represented by Knight+++:
1 copy
represented by Queen
2 copies
represented by Harpy
2 copies
represented by Behemoth+++


I will be using a stealth king, 2 wardens, 2 piercers, 2 cutters, and 1 back slicer
my king will be represented by the king, my wardens will be represented by Fortress++, my cutters will be represented by Archbishop, my piercers will be represented by Knight++, and my back slicer will be represented by a gluttony which will be fed an archbishop and a fortress before the game begins


You have to clarify the pathes on Warden,Piercer and Cutter. Back Slicer uses 4 illegal pathes (the ones which have anchors on two sides) and two Move only squares, which don't work. Also notice, if the costs are correct, you can't use 4 pieces of the same cost.


The paths are declared, the image is just being weird, on cutter they all come out from the 4 attacks, on piercer they're all horizontal, and on warden they're all vertical. As for back slicer those move onlys are vertical paths coming from the teleports and the paths extend only from the horizontal and vertical attack/moves but don't extend from the diagonals that was just so I could still place them there


Here's how I understand the pieces with your description.

"[..] while the other side has to be an open tile or another path square."
This rule exists. So Cutter and BackSlicer are illegal in their current form.

The correct costs for the pieces should be:




+0.8x2x(0.5+0.5x0.5):2 [2x Range2 (Path) Attack only backwards anchored in Range 2 sidewards]
+0.8x2x(0.4+0.4x0.5):2 [2x Range3 (Path) Attack only backwards anchored in Range 3 sidewards]
+0.8x4x(0.3+0.3x0.5):2 [2x Range4 (Path) Attack only backwards anchored in Range4 sidewards and 2x Range5 (Path) Attack only backwards anchored in Range5 sidewards]





+0.8x4x(0.75+0.5):2 [4x Range2 (Path) Attack only anchored in Range1]





+0.8x8x(0.4+0.5):2 [8x Range3 (Path) Attack only anchored in Range2]





+1.5x2x(0.5+0.2):2 [2x Range3 (Path) Move only anchored in Range4 (Unblockable)]
+0.8x2x(0.5+0.5x0.5):2 [2x Range2 (Path) Attack only backwards anchored in Range 2 sidewards]
+0.8x2x(0.4+0.4x0.5):2 [2x Range3 (Path) Attack only backwards anchored in Range 3 sidewards]
+0.8x2x((0.4+0.3)x0.5):2 [Range4 (Path) Attack only anchored in Range 4 backwards]


So rightnow your army would cost 84.


Here's the edits for warden and piercer so they're legal


Warden and Piercer were the only legal pieces, they just had wrong costs.
Supposing this version are meant like this:


Then this version of Warden costs



+2x(0.5+0.5x0.5):2 [2x Range 2 (Path) Move or Attack backwards anchored in range 2 sidewards]
+0.8x2x(0.4+0.4x0.5):2 [2x Range 3 (Path) Attack only backwards anchored in range 3 sidewards]
+0.8x4x(0.3+0.3x0.5):2 [2x Range4 (Path) Attack only backwards anchored in Range4 sidewards and 2x Range5 (Path) Attack only backwards anchored in Range5 sidewards]

and piercers costs are correct at 7.


Okay I'll keep that piercer then and I'd like to remove attacks from the furthest away on warden until it costs 11 but path calculations are weird can you do that for me? Also I'm changing back slicer to this and using 2 of it and only 1 cutter
PieceMaker-Back Slicer.png

PieceMaker-Cutter (1).png


This 3 pieces are valid at the shown cost:
(Piercer, Warden and BackSlicer)
Now you just need a 5 cost champion for a valid army.




The new version of Cutter costs



+0.8x4x(0.4+0.5):2 (4x Range3 (Path) Attack only anchored in range 2)



Spider, Spider, Frog, Princess+++, Penguin, Frog, Duelist, Duelist
9, 10, 11, 15, King, 11, 10, 9

King = Front-Armored King (+5, front 5 squares with armor, rep. HauntedArmor)

The other champions are:
[7.995] fKAaf+4X4 (rep. Legionary+0)
[9] f+4X4mbDT (rep. Legionary+1)
[9.975] f+4X3af+5X5mbDT04 (rep. Legionary+2)
[10.98] f+3X3af0444jffNmbDT (rep. Legionary+3)
[15] f+5X5jfDN (rep. Dragon++)

This can be seen with the bexport notation in the piecemaker, or these:

8 + 9 + 9 + 10 + 10 + 11 + 15 + 5 is 77


Honestly I spent way too long even trying to think about the costings, and maybe this is just an overcomplicated waste of time and it'd be better if the tournament only had 1-2 'custom' pieces.


Your army is valid.
Notice that you didn't have to publish which minions you use and that you can change them anyway before/ after every game.


Sorry for the delay I forgot about it and then had exams but that in no way should excuse my stupidity and immense procrastination. Anyway I tried to make my pieces interesting and allow for tactics (imo the lack of tactics in CEO is one of the largest problems with it) to make the games interesting instead of completely exploiting the point system.
Screenshot_2021-01-27 Feature Creep CEO PieceMaker (modded by main_gi)(1).png
Bishop 2.0 (x2) will be represented by bishop+ Strange knight will be represented by Dragon. Poor defender(x2) will be represented by Knight++ Queen-- will be represented by Queen.
Screenshot_2021-01-27 Feature Creep CEO PieceMaker (modded by main_gi)(2).png
King will be represented by king. Monstrosity will be represented by... uh... ninja. Please let me know if I screwed anything up and I will hopefully not take another month and a half to fix it. On another note I will sponsor 200 rp to the tournament.


Your army is valid! Don't forget that the pieces with range 3 (Unblockable)s can't act until turn 3.


cool I might need a little more time to actually play because I can't get into CEO atm

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