Favor Chess AI vs Chess Evolved Online AI - Gameplay


Chess Evolved Online and Favor Chess both include an in-game AI that can play the game against a player, but what happens when you play them against each other?

Neither AI is particularly strong compared to traditional Chess AIs, and if someone wants to see them get crushed by Stockfish or something I might do that later. For now this is a somewhat fair fight. Both games can be made to have similar rules. For the exercise, both games will be running and I'll use the moves the AI plays in one game against the AI player in the other window.

This version of the game is on Favor Chess 1.04, which has not yet been released and adds the very important feature to disable domain victory in custom games. It also improves the Favor Chess AI in some ways.


If the game ends in either game, it counts as a win for the player who won on that game or a draw if one game declares a draw.
Domain will be turned off in Favor Chess.
No game clock.
The game will use a normal setup because both games include copies of FIDE chess pieces.

Favor Chess Settings:

Game Version - 1.04
Ai Skirmish mode
Time Control - Unlimited Game Clock
White Player - Ai
Domain Victory - Disabled
Ai Difficulty - Level 6 (Hard)
Army Used:


Chess Evolved Online Settings:

Game Version - .53b
Combat Training mode
Ai playing as player 2
Army Used:



I won't offer many spoilers in this text... But it was a real battle.


This is the full game recording:

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I've transcribed the moves into PGN, you can study it on lichess

[Variant "From Position"]
[FEN "rnbkqbnr/pppppppp/8/8/8/8/PPPPPPPP/RNBKQBNR w KQkq - 0 1"]

1. Nc3 d6 2. Nf3 c5 3. e3 f6 4. Bb5 Qf7
5. b3 a6 6. Bc4 Qg6 7. Qf1 b5 8. Bd3 Qg4
9. Be4 Ra7 10. Ke2 b4 11. Bb2 bxc3 12. Bxc3 Qxe4
13. d3 Qf5 14. e4 Qf4 15. g3 Qg4 16. Ba5+ Kd7
17. h3 Qe6 18. c4 Nc6 19. Bc3 Nd4+ 20. Nxd4 Qe5
21. f4 Qh5+ 22. Nf3 e6 23. g4 Qg6 24. f5 Qh6
25. b4 cxb4 26. Bxb4 exf5 27. gxf5 Ne7 28. Qg1 Rb7
29. a3 Rxb4 30. axb4 Nc6 31. b5 Ne7 32. Rxa6 Bxa6
33. bxa6 Kc6 34. Nd4+ Kc5 35. Ne6+ Kb4 36. Qb6+ Kc3
37. Qxd6 Qh5+ 38. Ke3 Qh6+ 39. Qf4 Qxf4+ 40. Nxf4 g5
41. Nd5+ Kb3 42. Nxf6 h6 43. Rb1+ Kc2 44. Rb6 Bg7
45. a7 Nc8 46. Rc6 Nxa7 47. Ra6 Nc8 48. e5 Ne7
49. d4 Nxf5+ 50. Ke4 Ng3+ 51. Kf3 Nf5 52. d5 Nh4+
53. Ke3 Nf5+ 54. Ke2 Nd4+ 55. Ke3 Nf5+ 56. Ke4 Ng3+
57. Kd4 Nf5+ 58. Ke4 Ng3+ 59. Kd4 Nf5+ 60. Ke4
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Here is the PGN using a standard board, the opening is A04 Zukertort Opening: Queen's Gambit Invitation

1. Nf3 e6 2. Nc3 f5 3. d3 c6 4. Bg5 Qc7
5. g3 h6 6. Bf4 Qb6 7. Qc1 g5 8. Be3 Qb4
9. Bd4 Rh7 10. Kd2 g4 11. Bg2 gxf3 12. Bxf3 Qxd4
13. e3 Qc5 14. d4 Qc4 15. b3 Qb4 16. Bh5+ Ke7
17. a3 Qd6 18. f4 Nf6 19. Bf3 Ne4+ 20. Nxe4 Qd5
21. c4 Qa5+ 22. Nc3 d6 23. b4 Qb6 24. c5 Qa6
25. g4 fxg4 26. Bxg4 dxc5 27. bxc5 Nd7 28. Qb1 Rg7
29. h3 Rxg4 30. hxg4 Nf6 31. g5 Nd7 32. Rxh6 Bxh6
33. gxh6 Kf6 34. Ne4+ Kf5 35. Nd6+ Kg4 36. Qg6+ Kf3
37. Qxe6 Qa5+ 38. Kd3 Qa6+ 39. Qc4 Qxc4+ 40. Nxc4 b5
41. Ne5+ Kg3 42. Nxc6 a6 43. Rg1+ Kf2 44. Rg6 Bb7
45. h7 Nf8 46. Rf6 Nxh7 47. Rh6 Nf8 48. d5 Nd7
49. e4 Nxc5+ 50. Kd4 Nb3+ 51. Kc3 Nc5 52. e5 Na4+
53. Kd3 Nc5+ 54. Kd2 Ne4+ 55. Kd3 Nc5+ 56. Kd4 Nb3+
57. Ke4 Nc5+ 58. Kd4 Nb3+ 59. Ke4 Nc5+ 60. Kd4

Nice. It's pretty fun to watch the evaluation bar bounce all over the place.

I think we can safely say they both suck.
Favour made the first blunder, CEO made the next few then Favour traded rook for bishop. Then they played move the knight around.
Would it be possible to set this postion up again to see how it continues?


In Favor Chess you can load a saved position, but the feature doesn't exist in Chess Evolved Online so that isn't possible.

Also, the game was only about 9 moves from running out of morale on CEO. Favor Chess would have lost there if it didn't draw from repetition probably.


I want to see more like this. We will get more empirical data if we run this a few more times. I want to see it from both views though, not just Favour. Since you can win without losing the king in CEO I am interested in seeing the morale as the games go on.


I'll run more later, particularly when the games have AI updates in them or when I find new comparable engines. :)

I'd give the win to favor chess since it seems that it's operating on much less thinking time. Though of course you were handling the CEO moves, the AI always takes a while, and favor moves lmost instantly on the moves I watched. (This is assuming that the chess engines don't think on the other player's turn)

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