[Favor Chess] Patch 1.04 has been released!


Patch 1.04 is now live on Steam!

You can view all the patch notes here: http://javissoft.com/home/fcpatchnotes
You can play Favor Chess for free on Steam here: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1014920/Favor_Chess/


Highlights include:

*Added Zebra, Safari, and Bullet Time.
*Added option to disable domain victory in custom games.
*Changed Golem Workshop and Horde.
*Ai Improved.
*Added 200 bonus experience when completing the daily challenge for the first time.

Login any time in the next 30 days to get the patch 1.04 event quest: Play 3 games for 2000 gold!

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I have something to help you.

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This means that someone happening to wander over there for whichever reason may never find something like this announcement, which could be considered important. This makes me think you would like this post to show there,
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Here is a useful trick to fix that:
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Look for this icon: []

For anyone not intending to use this functionality as a tool for additional exposure to something, it can also be simply used to 'favorite' certain posts, for being referenced more easily at a later time, and having your profile a little less 'blank'.



Thank you for the information.

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So I installed and tried to run it, it says the "executable is missing". Un-installed and re-installed (and the never-useful but always-done file verification), but still get the same result.

Anyone else having this issue, or is it just me?


Are you running on Windows or Mac? Also, 32 bit or 64 bit?


Windows 32-bit. Normally, if it is a 32-bit vs. 64-bit issue, it says that it can't run 64-bit applications, so I assume that that is not the issue.


There is no 32-bit windows version of Favor Chess on Steam, try running it in 64-bit if possible.