[Favor Chess] Patch 1.05 has been released!


Patch 1.05 is now live on Steam!

You can view all the patch notes here: http://javissoft.com/home/fcpatchnotes
You can play Favor Chess for free on Steam here: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1014920/Favor_Chess/


Patch Notes

*Added 3 new pieces: Backup, Rush Deployment, and Tactician.
*Added the ability to set whether the player or ai controls both players in Ai Skirmish, and renamed it to 'Local Skirmish'.
*Added the ability to change the player's random favor amount in local skirmish games.
*Added a 30% bonus to gained gold and experience from Ranked and Practice matches when the opponent is a player.
*Fixed a bug where sometimes the ingame clock would display the time in the wrong format.
*Fixed a bug where a minion being moved to the reserve wouldn't trigger Scorched Earth.
*Fixed a bug where the ai couldn't use withdraw squares on pieces.
*Fixed a bug where sometimes the collection menu's craft screen would display the last selected army over it after switching menus.
*Changed armies to allow 2 pieces in the reserve by default instead of 8 (the limit can be increased by Backup).
*Changed 'Duplication' to allow 2 extra copies of a champion instead of unlimited. Duplication is no longer unique and costs 3 favor (down from 4).
*Changed 'Safari' to be playable with any 3 champions deployed instead of requiring specific ones.
*Changed cheaterbot to show up less often in queue than other bots.
*Changed the Ai Skirmish settings window layout to reflect the new choices in Local Skirmish.
*Changed bots to no longer award rating for beating them on the ranked play ladder when a player is about 1000 rating above them.
*Changed the ingame text in over 50 places to be sharper.
*Changed the move square symbols to be 15% larger on the unit description card.
*Changed the wording on some abilities to be more consistent.
*Changed the phrase 'in play' to 'deployed' on piece descriptions.
*Changed random armies to more frequently upgrade king when using higher favor, less frequently include scorched earth and stretch time, and less frequently include hasty reserves or duplication when they're not used.
*Changed new player quests to award more gold, and added 1 'Backup' to new player collections.
*Changed the ingame clock to show 2 decimals for seconds only when a player has 1 minute or less on their clock.
*Changed the cost of Paladin, Lion, Inquisitor, Bullet Time (-1 favor), and Cataphract (-2 favor).
*Changed the cost of Samurai, Berserker, and Giraffe (+1 favor).
*Changed the cost of Maniac (+2 favor), Hasty Reserves (+4 favor), and Golem Workshop (+5 favor).

Login any time in the next 30 days to get the patch 1.05 event quest: Play 5 games for 2000 gold!

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What exactly is favor chess?


Favor Chess is a game similar to CEO that has a more classic-style orientation for unit balance, and a few additions like the reserve to add extra units into your army that can be deployed throughout the match, or tokens which are either passive rule modifiers or 'spell-card' style consumable actions that can be added to the army instead of spending more on units. There is also an alternate win condition of domain (King promote), instead of morale system, and there are a few different King types to choose from.

Like CEO, it is also free to play.
You can see more about the game at the store page here


Bongcloud win condition, lmao


Have you ever played Favor Chess? I am wondering because you are AlphaCore and I do not recognize your name often in the CEO community. I believe your description is lacking as it does not concretely describe the similarities between the game's metas. The real alternate win condition in CEO and in Favor Chess are in fact the same, and I suspect that the game design specifications for Favor Chess was a very clever thematic goal of forming a similar RPS meta with only tools of the classic units and keywords. For example, wherein CEO has Dryad, Gemini, Patience, Lich, and RoyalGuard++, a collection of boring stall tools and payoffs, Favor Chess also contains its own collection of boring stall tools and payoffs with Golem Factory, Late Constipation, Promise of Victoryen, Safari Browser, and #general.

This is by no means the only valid comparison between CEO and Favor Chess. Both games are filled with bots in ranked that are only made to farm rating and look 0 turns ahead. It is possible to get rushed down and lose for no reason, as well as executing hit-and-run strategies against people with high rating, making it worse to play the game sooner because you can get your rating stolen by people who play the game later. Both games also have a daily challenge involving exploiting the AI in the same way every time - in CEO it is the unawareness of armor, and in FC it is the unawareness of domain victory.

Speaking of domain victory, the Favor Chess domain needs it:


When it comes to piece progression, Favor Chess is also extremely similar to Chess Evolved Online. The game has a lot of vanilla pieces in at Epic for some reason, you quickly accrue duplicates, and there is even a system where extra copies of pieces gain artificial meaning (upgrades in CEO; the Duplication token in Favor Chess). This is great because it is the same thing that enables you to get 100’s of units in packs in the same time it takes to get basically nothing in another game. You cannot ever hope to have 100% collected, but making that 100% a massive ceiling benefits you much more than you think, even if you never make it there.

Overall, Favor Chess Evolved Online is a very stable ecosystem with a sensible design quarks.


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