Most Nerfed Army in CEO?


With the new patch and the massive re-balance in CEO .54, a lot of armies have been hit very hard. Honestly much of it was fairly easy to see coming with how many times it was mentioned certain things were getting nerfed... This army I made for the express purpose of abusing low-cost stuff got wrecked the hardest out of my lineup:

The one I'm probably saddest about is poor PushMania, an army I made to use tigers and harpies. It was hit in .53 and then again in .54, which I wasn't expecting really either time. (aside from the knight price)

I made PushMania2 after 1 was nerfed, and now the newest incarnation I made today that is untested is PushMania3. Fingers crossed that stuff doesn't get nerfed in .55!

Which ranked play army of yours you ever used in .53b was hit the hardest?

All good things must come to an end.

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My actual most-nerfed army was a spear rush at 107 cost. I reworked it though, so I don't remember the exact army. Here is my second-most-hit, a 106:


Voidmage+++ is half of that nerf lol

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That's a lot of salamanders wow

I like playing with interesting units and all my armies were un-nerfed >:) I had a 93 point army after nerf that used a bunch of firemage and weird stuff but I already modified it so I can't show it here.

For the OP direction, my best is only 104...