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Community suggestions for patch .54 thread


I think it's a good time to put together suggestions for patch .54, and I have a few already prepared. I've provided an estimate for how difficult these changes would be to implement judging by my own experience in these matters, which should make them easier for @thegrandestine to digest.

The easy ones to implement:
Add a button in Upgrade Units to upgrade 10 and 50 at a time.

This would make upgrading units in bulk after you buy 200+ basic boxes less of a chore.


Choose rules for the in-game clock that are transparent and fair.

The current in-game turn clock is very strange and feels inconsistent. You gain different amounts of time based on your remaining clock time, and I'm not even sure it's strongly related to how much bonus time was remaining when your time is very low. I think it should be modified to use a simpler time format that is more normal to chess, like 10 minutes+5 seconds per move, or the Favor Chess format where you get bonus time each move and half the remaining bonus time is added to your clock.


Slightly more effort:
Provide an in-game guide for how contribution/ crowns/ royal power/ reputation actually work. Bonus points for explaining blitz token.

These systems are not explained anywhere that I found inside the game, and new players will have little idea of how they work.


Provide the ability to choose your clock time format for private matches between players

This is just a great feature and private matches have no features right now.


Provide the ability to choose whether to use random armies for private matches between players

Players did this for fun but without a system in place, you have to run by the honor system for who actually uses their first random army rolled and you have additional time to plan or can change the composition. It's a fun feature that sees use in Favor Chess.


Big features:
Revamp ranked rating ladder to remove inflation from bots

If the bots had an actual rating they used and participated in the ladder as entities that exist as actual player accounts, it would allow them to keep track of their own rating and the system could be zero-sum. This would also, at this point, require somehow deflating rating points from everyone above about 2000 or inflating the rating of everyone else to near 3000. Or a whole 'season' reset of everyone's rating.


Revamp the 'combat training' section to be more easy to access, and allow you to choose which AI to play against including inferno and hell AI armies

This would be a fun feature, and allow players to see what inferno and hell ai armies are like without randomly coming across them in the ladder. It would also be very helpful to choose which difficulty of ai you were playing against in the combat training section, right now I assume it's just the hardest one available.


I don't expect all of these to make it into patch .54, especially the bigger features. Providing them as a list of items that people want is a good thing though, I believe.

What suggestions do you have for patch .54?

#ceo #ccg

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There are something that should be here since the beginning

  1. Pre-move
  2. Exporting logs for post-mortem
  3. Kibitzing

The ability to save logs would be really nice.
There are some games that are just so fantastic you want to save them somehow; Or if you want to analyse a game with interesting tatics.

Button to upgrade all excess units (or sell them if maxed out). This would merge units whenever you'd be left with 8 minions or 4 champions post merge.

Also, rebuild CEO in Unity and hire me as an artist to fix up your crude graphics while maintaining their defining features.

Even if it is not a priority, a feature that allows us to copy paste an army to another slot would be great (I think this has been proposed before in the kong forum), and maybe being able to copypaste an opponent army into a slot (but maybe this would make people be less creative with their setups so I am not that sure about wanting that being implemented)

Highlighted names for extra information.
There are times I want to check the moveset of a promotion. It could also help shorten peice cards for complicated actions (think moonfox revive, lifestone revive, leap-attack, envy, taurus, etc.)

Add an in-game global chat so people can still talk after kong chat died (On the home screen along with being swappable with the in-match chat)


I didn't think of this but it's a very good idea. It feels pretty lonely ingame now.


yeah I miss that.

Not having to manually claim challenges prizes would be helpful to people who completed a challenge but cant come back the next day to claim it for a variety of reasons. Unless that feature is already here and i just never noticed it.

very nice list of suggestions here guys, post and comments alike.

I cannot promise anything specific for this particular update (you may have noticed I am slightly behind on regular update schedule, lol), but if I had to choose something I think many people would prefer the bulk/multi unit upgrades as a major time saver. It is listed as one of the easier ones, and that is probably right, but for silly reasons it would actually need to be done sometime shortly -after- an update went live and was proven mostly stable, because anything that involves messing with collections has an added layer of fragility and my own personal paranoia attached, so I basically need to work on it in a vacuum outside of all the other changes to feel safe modifying it. A similar thing could be said about a few other suggestions, but for collection/account related things this is especially true, and is mostly derived from the lack of a dedicated test server.

tl;dr I'll probably start with multi/bulk upgrades as some 0.54b type mini-patch and go from there.

side note: more suggestions are welcome, even if they have been suggested and discussed before it is always useful to know what things people think of as most important or interesting to see added.


I was going to write that this suggestion isn't very important, apart from new piece suggestion/creation possibilities, but given the existence of Gluttony, I think this has been promoted to necessary:

Path abilities should be grouped (so if a piece has, say, "slash" path and "backslash" path attack-only abilities, it will show both icons together followed by one description of "(Path) Attack only"). As it is, I think Gluttony will probably cause description card problems in many cases (I could be wrong), but the Path abilities as they are currently will greatly exacerbate that.


Make sure to forget multiplying the upgrade prices at all when you bulk upgrade.


Please consider let Patience +, ++ and +++ gain power of Patience on move 25;
Patience ++ and +++ gain power of Patience + on move 30;
Patience +++ gain power of Patience ++ on move 35 and gain full power on move 40.

IMO the most important update is

  • Make the game not run on flash
    Since IIUC otherwise any work done will be meaningless after december

Prismata is a Flash game. It can run in its own Flash wrapper. Same for CEO.


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