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I've updated it so that you can import existing codes and put them into the UI. There are also some template options if you want to use basic setups as a base.

The default looking textareas aren't great, but the tool is more functional now.

much better than mine, nice!

Not exactly a 'request', but if you wanted to improve it the first things that come to mind are having some little paste wall of units to copy from (no need for tier probably), maybe even include junk like stone pillar, and some aesthetic of trying to get the area to be more square so that the spatial translation between tool and board is smooth is the other thing that stands out to me.

Those two seem like they would help, and maybe a list of which abbreviations you landed on? I saved your list of conflicts for no discernible reason, maybe for SSP memes idk, but it was a pretty big list so idk if the abbreviation aspect of this tool will get much use without knowing which ones you decided on using, especially when including 'EE' and such.

Anyway, I'm not complaining. Hopefully people make some interesting things from this.
Make scenario - screenshot ingame - drop code.
This could be fuel for endless contests, good job

(also gj to @adamzero for 'cracking the code' in like 5 minutes after update, lol)


StonePillar and such are actually already in there, with abbreviations like SP, but it was a last minute addition so "PE+++" doesn't work for PhoenixEgg+++, but "PE" does.

I really doubt the square board idea would work, I had something similar in testing but you would end up typing "AirElemental+++" and then the board isn't even uniform, there's just a stupid wide column in the middle. The square idea might work if I got everyone to use abbreviations, but even then there is nonsense of long names ("Pride" vs. "Prince" vs. "Princess").

Overall I think just being able to use the first two letters is a huge improvement, which will work for almost every unit and you don't need a big list of units there. A change I wanted to make was actually an idea I had a long time ago, where minions are marked with the first letter lowercase, so FrostMephit = fM and FrostMage = FM. This still doesn't work for FireMage, which-

Oh wait, I see, you think I custom coded each abbreviation - no, it's actually quite structured, I didn't make that clear I guess. Every unit uses the first two letters of its name, except the ones with two capital letters like EarthElemental and GeminiTwin, which are EE and GT.

The abbreviations I "landed on" wasn't chosen by me at all, it's just the first one in the game's ordering (since Wizard was the first unit, Wi = Wizard and not Wisp). This also means any future units shouldn't conflict here.

Also the code is here if anyone wants to modify it. I'll credit them if they want to make changes. The code is mildly spaghetti and has useless elements.


I wanted to make custom things so I started experimenting after buying some Gluttonies, it was not super complex to decode.

I saw unit names so i changed a few and mapped it out. Then I started just changing 1s and 0s after that...

the first 1s and 0s (before extra morale and the decay options) are unused, right? I could never figure out why some were 1 and the others were 0.


many are unused as 'placeholders' while others are unused simply for being unfinished, which mostly are the ones for avatars or other player-centric things like that. The placeholders exist as padding for future-proofing replay codes up to a certain point to so the code interpretations don't need to check for version numbers and have a different reader for each, but probably could have made even more placeholders and still eventually used them all.
These placeholder types are '0' while the ones for avatar are '1'.

This might be useful to you idk

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why crown greed and no gluttony


Greed's Game unveiled crowns,
and Gluttony is missing because Sloth is overpowered.

Here's a copy of base unit types from library


non-array edition:

AirElemental , Alchemist , Angel , Antimage , Apprentice , Aquarius , Arachnid , ArchBishop , Archer , Axeman , Banshee , Basilisk , Bat , Beacon , Behemoth , Berserker , Bishop , Bomber , Butterfly , Chastity , Comet , Crusader , Demon , Dove , Dragon , Drake , Dryad , Duelist , EarthElemental , Enchantress , Envy , Fencer , FireElemental , FireMage , Fireball , Fortress , Frog , FrostMage , FrostMephit , Gemini , Ghast , Ghost , GiantSlime , Gluttony , Gnome , GravityMage , Greed , Guardian , Harpy , HauntedArmor , Hoplite , Hostage , Hydromancer , Knight , Legionary , Lich , LifeStone , Lilith , Lust , MageTower , Medusa , Mercenary , Militia , Minotaur , MoonFox , Necromancer , Nexus , Ninja , NullMage , Paladin , Patience , Pawn , Penguin , Phalanx , Phantasm , Phoenix , Pikeman , PoisonMage , Portal , Pride , Prince , Princess , Pyromancer , Queen , Ranger , Reaver , Rook , RoyalGuard , Salamander , Samurai , Shieldsman , Siren , Skeleton , Slime , Snake , SoulFlare , SoulKeeper , Spearman , Spider , StoneMage , Summoner , Swordsman , Sylph , Taurus , Temperance , Templar , ThunderMage , Tiger , Toad , Tombstone , Undine , Valkyrie , Vampire , VoidMage , Warrior , WaterElemental , WindMage , Wisp , Wizard , Wrath

This is very cool ^_^
I have increased your SBI level, among other things.

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