Classic+1 Swap Battle Tournament (completed)


This is a sequel to the Classic Swap Battle Tournament.

Use the Classic Chess army... but if all the units upgraded. And, you can swap any of the units given in the classic army with other CEO units of the same cost. You cannot reorder the units, just swap with same-cost units.

(Rules clarification: If you wanted to swap the 8 Pawn+'s to a variety of different 1-cost units that is fine. In other words if you want to swap one Pawn+ to a Slime, that doesn't require that you then have to change all your Pawn+'s to Slime.)

1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1
13, 8, 11, Queen+, King, 11, 8, 13


  • Bishop+, which I am pretending costs 11. So that slot is 11-costers instead of 12-costers. This is somewhat for variety since 12-cost units were used in the last tournament, and also because I don't think it's worth 12 in the c/f columns. If you want though, you can play a Bishop+ in the 11-cost slots.
  • Queen+ is forced. We all know everyone would use Dragon+++ or the "p2w option" Angel+++ instead of the underpowered 24 cost Queen+, so no swapping that one out. (rip ArchBishop+++ owners btw)

Some units are banned. If a unit has any of these actions: magic destroy, ranged destroy, poison, void, armor, thundermark, charm, necromancy, ghostify, make sapling, and make skeleton, it is banned. Also Hostage, Chastity, Snake, Hoplite are specifically banned too.

Effectively, this bans all tiers (unless specific tier is listed) of Salamander, FireElemental, Pyromancer, FireMage, Ranger, Archer, Fireball, PoisonMage, Alchemist, Spider, Arachnid, VoidMage, Duelist, Fencer, HauntedArmor, Crusader, Phalanx, Gluttony+++, ThunderMage, Wrath, SoulFlare, Lilith, Necromancer, SoulKeeper, Dryad, Lich, Tombstone, Hostage, Chastity, Snake, Hoplite.

Yes, costs make some of these impossible to even play

Okay, here are more rule changes:

  • Actually, you can play Hoplite+, but only up to 4.
  • (I had an Axeman limitation here, it's removed.)
  • You can also play Harpy+0, Envy+++, HauntedArmor+0 (despite ban), Lust++, NullMage+++, Siren+++, Taurus+++, in the 11-slot.

Signups: 11/8/2020 to 11/11/2020
Fights: 11/12/2020 to 11/20/2020 (can be further if fights are delayed, note that this is the ideal time for the whole tournament and not the time for each match)

After the signups I will decide who matches with who, and post in the topic + edit the post to show the matchups. These matchups can be done at any time during the fights but ideally you should match with your opponent as soon as possible. The non-instant forum structure of steemit will probably not work too well to organize matches, so please try to contact your opponent for a good time to match or use discord.

Matches will very likely be best-of-one games with double elimination (are placed into a Loser's Bracket when you first lose).

Bracket positions will be shown so people can match using the given brackets at any time even if I'm not online.


  • 110 RP for 1st place. (110 from me, any more are sponsors)
  • 60 RP for 2nd place. (60 from me, any more are sponsors)
  • 35 RP for 3rd place. (35 from me, any more are sponsors)

Contestants (10):

  • e3Gewinnt
  • GodOfTomatoes
  • F300XEN
  • ryan487
  • Kevin44X
  • amoroc
  • kriminalni_svine
  • henclucky
  • guhbuh
  • Username_taken12

To see the matchups, check (it is not required to signup on challonge, this is just to see the bracket)

AFTER A MATCH, GET THE REPLAY CODE OF IT and send it privately to me in discord. As a light punishment, you will get -5 less RP if you score 1st-3rd place and one of your matches isn't saved as a replay code. Alternatively, you can post the replay code publicly if your opponent to that match agrees, but note this can give an advantage to your future opponents who can see both your army and your opponent's.

This tournament is complete.

As a bonus, everyone in this tournament that didn't get a prize, gets +4 RP for participating, and +4 for each win they got after that. All prizes have been sent.


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Valid Tourney Units:

I may have missed some or may have accidentally added banned units so let me know if I messed up the unit list.


Axeman, Bat+, Bomber, Frog+, Hoplite+, Militia, Militia+, Militia++, Militia+++, Penguin+, Shieldsman+, Slime, Spearman, Swordsman, Tiger, Dove+, Portal+, Slyph+, Mercenary, Undine+


Bishop++, Legionary++, Earth Elemental+++, Harpy+, Medusa++, Ninja, Wizard, Antimage+++


Banshee, Guardian++, Warrior+, WindMage+, Berserker, Hydromancer+, Air Elemental, Earth Elemental+, Ghast, Valkyrie, Comet+, Envy++, GravityMage++, Lust+, Siren++, Taurus++, Water Elemental+


Banshee+++, Warrior+++, Berserker++, Legionary+, Magetower++, Behemoth+, Earth Elemental++, Ghast+++, Medusa+, Harpy, Envy+++, Haunted Armor, Lust++, NullMage+++, Siren+++, Taurus+++

The tournament has started, check for the current matchups. (It is not required to sign up on challonge to play.)
Also, during the signup phase, there were some rule changes. Please check again if you aren't aware.

I like to join.

I'm going to join

I'm joining obviously and I'll list the units in a sec, but just an idea: Based on last tournament you should create a seed of sorts so that people who did worse fight people closer to their skill level to avoid them getting kicked out immediately from being unlucky enough to match with ryan for instance


I don't think that's an objective improvement, just one that prioritizes "kicked out immediately" as a value. I think this would actually just push imbalanced skill level matchups later. All of the 'fair skill level' matchups happened in the loser's bracket in the last tournament. With 'adjacent' scoring you would have 'fair' first matchups, and then unfair loser's bracket matchups. Maybe you want to seed those too, but then you make the later matchups even more unfair.

Part of these arguments do relate to double elimination though, but I think I need to be convinced more than just "a bad player can lose early". The seeding I did last tournament is used in other competitive tournaments (even to the point where that kind of seeding is sometimes called "seeding" like it's a default).

I mapped out 1-8 as absolute skill levels and tested how this would work with Adjacent, Cross, Slaughter:

Adjacent (start with close skill level matchups)

Double Elimination - Adjacent Pairs.png

Cross (split skill at halfway skill level, then strongest matches the weakest in those divisions)

Double Elimination - Cross Pairs.png

Slaughter (strongest matches the weakest)

Double Elimination - Slaughter Pairs.png

The Adjacent seeding that you propose would actually have pushed the unfair games so far back that it messes with the way "top X" is scored, working backwards from the end, and nothing can be done about it. If scored, The player at skill level 4 only gets to play 2 games and working backwards from the end, the top positions are like 1/2/5/3/7/6/4/8, giving the 4th most skilled player "7th" place.

TL;DR: messes up the top X order and strategicality tactics balance, the weakest players don't even get to play in the tournament for that many rounds longer and they quickly get matched to fair fights in loser's bracket, I'm not convinced at all this is good


Okay then can you do it cross style then? Cause it looks like last tourney you set it up slaughter style which is completely unfair to whoever you deem the worst player as they have to fight the best player and then when they lose even if they manage to beat the 5th best they then have to fight the 3rd best immediately afterwards meaning it's almost guaranteed that they won't win any prizes unless they become the 2nd best player by the end of the tourney and even then they'd only win third place


You mean the worst player is not favored to win? what a surprise

In cross, 3rd/4th in skill level both would score below 5th. The losers of the respective 1/2 and 3/4 pair end up scoring much lower than their skill level suggests, mostly because they never get to match up against 5th: 1/2/5/3/6/7/4/8. Why would you even use the "even if they manage to beat X they have to fight 3rd best", at that position in the loser's bracket (1 win) anyone there is at 2nd-4th.

Despite my skepticism that this is a good idea, because it seems like 3rd and 4th place will get screwed over, I'll do it if there aren't any other objections from others.


+1 for seed; don't want to lose to ryan round 1 again

Oh hey another free 110 RP (plus sponsors). Thanks. Sign me up.

Next tourney Classic+2... oh wait

"Some units are banned. If a unit has any of these actions: [...] poison"
"Snake [...] are specifically banned too."
Poor Snakes ):


That's for a good reason lol, because the poison on Snake counts as a passive and not an action. (like if I had to ban Bomber for having 'destroy')

However, maybe I'm having second thoughts since Snake is pretty underpowered and will only affect 8-costers. Eh, nobody will really play it lol

Is Greed++ allowed on 2nd rank? Also is bomber allowed?


Bomber is allowed, greed obviously isn't though since it doesn't cost any of the set amounts


Greed++ is allowed on 2nd rank if you manage to hack a way to play it there.

  ·  작년

yeah sure ill sign up

for a swap we need to do the +1... can i use a greed instead of my king?


Greed++ is allowed instead of your King if you manage to hack a way to play it there.

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