Classic Swap Battle Tournament


Use the Classic Chess army. You can swap any of the units given in the classic army with other CEO units of the same cost. You cannot reorder the units, only (ex.) switch a 12 cost unit for another 12 cost unit in the same location.

0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0
12, 6, 10, 21, King, 10, 6, 12

Some units are banned. If a unit has any of these actions, it's banned:

  • (Magic) Destroy target.
  • (Ranged) Destroy target.
  • (Passive) Block one normal attack from this location, and lose this ability. (Active) Move or Attack.
  • (Magic) Poison enemy unit, destroying them in 3 turns.
  • [Pay 2]: (Ranged) Convert target enemy default moveset into basic move/teleport abilities, and negate their augments, if any.
  • [Pay 1]: (Magic) After 4 turns any unit in the marked location is destroyed.
  • (Magic) Charm enemy minion.
  • [Pay 2]: (Magic) Upgrade ally Skeleton, or transform target enemy minion into ally BonePile.
  • [Pay 1]: (Magic) Summon Sapling or transform enemy into ally Sapling.
  • [Pay 4]: (Magic) Summon value 0 Skeleton.

In other words, magic destroy, ranged destroy, armor, poison, void, thundermark, charm, necromancy, make sapling, and make skeleton are banned. Also Hostage is banned, for some pretend reason.

(An edit has been made, a few more abilities involving gaining free pieces are banned. I want Pawns to stay on the field and not die instantly.)

Signups: 10/21/2020 to 10/24/2020
Fights: 10/25/2020 to 10/30/2020 (can be further if fights are delayed, note that this is for the whole tournament and not the time for each match)

After the signups I will decide who matches with who, and post in the topic + edit the post to show the matchups. These matchups can be done at any time during the fights but ideally you should match with your opponent as soon as possible. The non-instant forum structure of steemit will probably not work too well to organize matches, so please try to contact your opponent for a good time to match or use discord.

Matches will very likely be best-of-one games with double elimination (are placed into a Loser's Bracket when you first lose).


  • 126 RP + 20 crowns for 1st place. (100 from me, rest are sponsors)
  • 65 RP + 10 crowns for 2nd place. (50 from me, rest are sponsors)
  • 35 RP + 5 crowns for 3rd place. (25 from me, rest are sponsors)

[1] amoroc
[2] Username_taken12
[3] e3Gewinnt
[4] Kevin44X
[5] guhbuh
[6] GodOfTomatoes
[7] ryan487

This tournament is complete.

Check this link for the results:

AFTER A MATCH, GET THE REPLAY CODE OF IT. This is the first tournament with replay codes available. It's pretty bad if you say you've won a game and then don't have the replay code. Send the replay code to me in discord or at least save a backup of it (as posting it publicly gives a disadvantage, opponents can tech against your army).



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So that no-one else has to go through the whole unit list like I did here are the available swaps for this tourney. Please tell me if I missed any or if any are wrong.


  • Pawn:
    • Apprentice, Bat, Frog, Hoplite, Penguin, Shieldsman, Dove, Nexus, Portal, Princess, Princess+, Princess++, Princess+++, Sylph, Butterfly, Undine
  • Rook:
    • Bishop+, Knight+++, Giantslime+++, MageTower+++, Paladin+, Prince++, StoneMage++, Toad+++, AirElemental++, Chastity+++, Demon+, Harpy, Minotaur, NullMage+++, Patience++, Temperance+, Valkyrie++, AntiMage++, Aquarius++, Enchantress+++, Lust+++, Moonfox, WaterElemental++
  • Knight:
    • Guardian, Hydromancer, Toad+, Wisp++, EarthElemental, Summoner++, Aquarius, Envy+, Gluttony+, GravityMage+, Pride, Siren+, Taurus+, WaterElemental
  • Bishop:
    • Banshee++, FrostMage++, Knight++, Warrior++, WindMage+++, Hydromancer+++, Magetower+, Prince+, AirElemental+, Chastity++, Demon, Ghast++, NullMage++, Patience+, Temperance, Valkyrie+, AntiMage+, Comet+++, Enchantress++, Envy+++, GravityMage+++, Lust++, Pride+, Siren+++, Taurus+++
  • Queen:
    • Fortress+, Archbishop++, Dragon++

Thanks for doing this. I would recommend any player who is looking for these, that they can go into the collection and search by typing "Cost: X" in the collection though, just in case they didn't know.

Anyway... I realized I was missing some units, which means I made a rule change and these units are also banned now.

  • (Pawn swap) Tombstone, SoulFlare
  • (Rook swap) Necromancer+
  • (Knight swap) Dryad+, Lich+, Lilith++
  • (Bishop swap) Necromancer+, Lich+++

Yeah, I just put the list here because quite a few of the units are rarer units which players might decide to buy in the market for the tourney, in which case since they don't own it they might not notice it's viable. Also I removed those units from the list now.


tfw I can't swap the Queen with a Demon+++

I will sponsor 50 RP for this tournament: 25 for 1st place, 15 for 2nd place, and 10 for 3rd place

I will sponsor exactly 1 RP for the first place winner.

I'll add a prize of 20/10/5 crowns for 1st/2nd/3rd.
Ideally there is a replay code or video for the final matches.
But I will not require it for this prize, incase something goes wrong.

I will sign up

  ·  작년

ill join

I like to join the tournament.

Do we have to put our army in to sign up?




Okay, then I'm signing up

So, what do I get for last place?

(This post was edited 10/27/2020.)
Current matchups:
(L2) and (L3) Username_taken12 vs. GodOfTomatoes (loser's bracket)
[1] and (W1) guhbuh vs. amoroc
[L1] and (L5) Kevin44X vs. e3Gewinnt (loser's bracket)


Won round one against GodOfTomatoes (got replay backuped).

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When do I get told who to fight?


I posted it now. You're up against e3Gewinnt.


I lost to e3, if you want we both have replays and I have a video but unless you need it I'd rather we wait until the end at least so as not to put ourselves at a disadvantage against our next opponent.