@@ TheGrandestine!!! Looking for Ideas For Updates? Look Here!

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Currently in last 6 months there has been no New Units in game. Instead game gets barely-functioning Dark Mode, pixel search in Info Panel, and much much less. I think TheGrandestine run out of ideas for the game, and havve no more inspiration for new unit. In that case , I give you all ideas, but will deem need contribution to help update game.

Time Travel Pack

I think this one really desrv about 70 contribution..- a TIME TRAVEL themed box of units.This idea so unique I bet no one, ever thought of it before. In this you can have all Sorts of units, that turn nback opponent pieces and remove and undo them. Then dimensional shifter to time travel, it is reall cool and genius. This would be EXCLNT for 4th Themed Box.

Get 2nd Developer

While ThEGrandestine you work on unininspired update, I refer you to friendly playper Jezterzon. This player is talented, smart, intelligent, enlightened, and hassze past work in the Community and is letting you do the Art, then them make the units. A lot of Talent here, like Upgraded version of Legionary+!!

New Arm Slots?

Most players in game only have 2 army slots, which is not enoughf at all . It is very restrict to only have 2 armys, you cannnot do much with it and most shirts do not support it. This game is on its last 2 leggies, it doesnt need only 2 armies as wel. Similar to idea of getting 2nd developper I recommenned TEGrandestine to get a 2nd headie slot and maybe a 3rd as well, the first is not functioning properly.

Update Facebook!!

Old Facebook page no longer maintained, no one even knows about it, only thing live is Ruby Shop tab. I am sure player of that game including facebook player Dlower Fharma sad at losing premmmum account. Instead they see your favorite Knightcorre movement videos in the proesinal orifle tab, which no one wants hear or see . UPFATE FACEBOOK! I think I . do deserve 300 contirbutionn at least for pointing out.

Host Draft Tournament

Draft mode Clickbait in this community. It only made for Steam and never applear or playablel. This need to be fixed, its easy, just combine regular CEO with draft mode. As well after this you need to add Singleton, Pauper, Sealed, Limited, Rotating, Pandora, Tavern, Hex, and Elimination modes to CEO all with own Q's and tournaments. You said before you dont want more Q's because it "divides the playerbase" or some tihng, but I donot understand tb honest, you can't divide by 0.

Refund 5 0 Money to Dawnn of the Phantasms Winner

Dawnn of Phantawsms never got winner and never announced, I think you need torefund the 50 money back thank youu.

Remind Poeple To Upload YoTube

Put INGAME REMINDER of UPLOAD YOUUTBE VIDEO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Youtube algorithm cheat hack it, and no one doing. It got buried in sticky threads, not funny, nbring that back please.


Overall this been a very useful pack for the developper, this deserve at least 20000 contribution ASAP.

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