@@ TheGrandestine! Stop Playing Gods Unlocked! UPDATE!

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Reccently Ii have discovred and found out hyou spend all day playing Gods Unlcocked! WHAT YOU ARE DOING? Wherte are the nmwes ball ance updates evkriiytone is a waiting for? Gods Ul;ocked so boring I bet your brothr can make robot for it in 2 days and bcome PERFMECNTANT MONEY FAUCET, yet uyou dont wanndo it! How you talk imaginary AI demigod powerful bot and not do it!

Tip: Time Managmtnt

On e best thing you can do id ragg drag more peeople into the game. THis allllllow you ezily nocmvenert crypto moneyy into rewal money, and other peoplecan play Gods Unlocked for you, while you devpoepelop Chess BaEvolved Online. ITls ill be slo at first, but then grow in speed, as 50 acocunt better than 1. You convince pepel to play Steemit game, you cxan probably convince people play Gods Unlocked, annd rent your opvoewrpoed cards. Stop neglecting omega lilith and leaving 00100.00% Energy Chess Rate , ,

Tip: Hire Leonardo Vergara Roberta Illumino Johnathan Lormand Vergalorm Thomas Richard Richie Avacado Chastity Concha

There so manny devlepoers who wannna work on Chess Evokvsld, that uyou dont hire withh all thiks Gods Unlocked m oney . You at this pppoint, you soicld heven hire Awetalehu, who go y many different names, current one is "Eugenic Futures" TM. This alloow you make more time, and buy time from ppepople, os is simporitant.

^ Quit Gods Unlocked

At this point battler rate so bad, as DECK fall, and SSP also fall, better to rant card than play card. This psierfectl opportunity to quit Gods Uln lcococked,and have AI take over ouyr job. aNd don't get distrckted making The Spider's Cider again!

Au5tomate Challenge Picture

Why you refuyse help so bad, youm ess ujp your slee pschedule to wake up at 0:00 AM evry day to post daily chsllenge which is EZ as sheet, and you beat with Dragon++ or Queen++ or HauntedArmor++ or Phalanx++ or Crusader++ or Princess++ or MoonFox++ or GiantSlime++ or Behemoth++ you gogfddamn idiot. \Gribble Loremad has 40 fake compputers, whey noty spend 1 of them to post daily chalnvbg? You evven can m,aek u pfor 20 rp challengge than autmaoticly reward halenpge rp to everyiotne who preotends to siovle ti as a bonus. SEriosuy, sehat you is ipwtoblem?!

Tip: Stop Posting On Alt account

Developer loook really inactive ,even more inactive than it lookz, because you juse af akeacocuout for eVEOTUYINTOG! Eveoriyne ttkhni dkvelpeoper is adead, and only poost are joke. This not efoiecxtive or good! You sepnd moner itme in Gods Unlocked thanne Chess EVbiltalteaendvacefd!

Tease Guessing Gmae

When thE FKOK is now eGUesisng Game comming out? Dont you have old atr? DID YOU FORGet HOW draw? You kno9w how to draw right since you added draw to ceOb! So wHEre is The Fi s tHe guesng Game? Go psot some poretend piece NOW!

Tip: Make Kickstarterr

Kicksttreret is how gods UNlocked got poppular. Where is Kockcstarter for Chess gavloelfd! Kocbftnstarter is gonna make game lhiave a lot more miiney, ann presaosn to uypdate! OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Tip: fIx Lag

CEo is ALsoi so sL aggy! Its Missng Frames sll over! yuo need cheaat just To plam it make it look good at 60 F P zS! WHY game is popoorly optimzd? I gsE it Aslteas Truns Betr thjan JavisRivalSoft's game, but WHy isi aGOLKyi kgl.,,.,,,,,,,,,, Laggy?

Tip: Invest in Dog

yuo invested like $1000 in GOds Unlocked, but you make more moey invest in dog. You know this idddiot who investeed $8000 in joke dog now $8 bilion? More mnoey than your lazy azz and spent a lot lss time Too! How aobut linvest in Eath?! or Byt? or Cat!?!! PRobably CAT now! Invest in Dog!

Tip: Analyze New Token SIgnups

You talk butch all this, about how gamm recive 5 or 10 new plsyers every day. Do any evn play or is this Hard C*unter I mean nuance I mean Card Hunter all over again!??!. who did the Sybil aTtack on YUU? Problbaly none of thhs nrwew plyarea even nreal and someone fake thm so you think CCEO is gonng fine. Sersryils! CEo Lost Acces on Kongragge like 2 years Ago you Realyl tihnkg tyhere arei sTYli new Players? Do you even think Kongrguate is teself has 5 new pepld veryday? Peopfla figOt aboooot it idiot!!


In confzuluisoin, therre so amny things yiuy couold do t osbring cEo back to life, buut you stooo busy playing Sp

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