@@ TheGrandestine! Your Game Design License is about to be Revoked!

3개월 전

You have not made new balance or unit change in over 6 m,onths, and acckording to the GDC, that means you are no longer a Game Desinger, but just some idiidt peretending to be one. If you just made new unbalanced unit it would not happpen,, but now you are at RISK of losing license.!!

Rememmmber, you almost lost your License back ago but you made the screenshottbait gamee The Cider's Bed, so you would not loose it. Now you are not work on that so the GDCRS is gonnnna know! Otherwise some power trippig asshos funded with taxpayer money will go to house and take your license AWAY then steeal stuff and call it civil forfeieture!!! Here are quick planss to do to make sure they know your Game Desin Licens is NOT TO BE TOUCHD!

Make New Poorly Made Unit

You still remmmebemer how to do this right? Draw the bad art like WatrElemental and put in some boring moveset with usels abbility, then clal it a day, randomise the cost . Now I know you realyrun out of ideaa for new uniet, and never admitt when ur idea is stole from a pretendpiecer. Since pretendpicers already made every single thing youu can think of, amybe you dont want to make idea anymore, but thats fine jUst make like new ++++++ horrible tier of upgrades that are nnew place for nuew units.

Make Poorly Rebalanced Unit

You know how to do? right!? Just add +3 ooor -3 cost to some unit, it willdo it. U weill well familiar with this!

Make Poorly Rdesigned Unit

Necronacer and GraivTYmage have been redesignd so many times and uou don't know what to do with it, you mght as wel resdesgin it again, you never be consistnt. Wahts more every timm you redsign unit you make ito wlrse, which rdesrve award on itsefl.

Implmemnt PRetendpiece

I knoo, I knoo, u never implemntd these xccept on your hard drive. Maybe this good idea because pretenDpiecers pieces are even worse than yors, but then agan, they dont have the game DESign lciense. Mybe add the "Fart"p retendpiece, or the Mordcaie the Duelist, although u already have a Duelist, just rename name to Mordcaie.

Keep Adding new Post to Game of Devianc

Game of Deviance you use it as a loophole to avoid lose the License, but then you got lazy az hell, lastest poast was in Freburary, no new news on Queens Game, no new news on Cascading Chaqos, no new news on Game of Devianc, no new news on Runce Revnge, no new news on Undefated Spider, no new news of Spider's Webbe, no new news of Chess Evobtale Advanced, no new news on any new gaem. You so lazy, that most of of the posts on your Facebook are wishing you happy birthday. By the way happy birthday.

Anyway go post some song with irritating static glitchy soud effects and boy voice pitched up to rolplay its a girl voice, with a title pretending to be witth chess themes, because pepple overuse chess themes all the time bacuse thats the sign of intlelgecent. Hide sommme hidden message in firstl etter of each sentence again, that will deiflngeitel not eb foudnd. Then coment on it with alt or somethishg abbout how the video length matter so mucch.

Make New Poorly Disguised Alt

You even stopppped making poasts on unconvcinncing alt accounts, which is also being lazy on game design. But cince you do nonne of that, you are risky lonsing loicense. I talk to alt creator Bit Chenwine, the dark cloak myth, and them tell me that your alts are so badd, olny 1 person ever get fooled by it. After explaining why most people dont get fooled bny your alts, Dr. Mr. Chenwine told me that the 1 person who got fooaled by your poorly dsigunised alt was yoursef, and diagnosed you with shchitonfperhiena. I agree with me.

Newtips to stop people detecting yourr alts so easily is to stop sayying obviously stoopid things, and acgutlally criticizie your game. NfRUotunately it seems like you iare inpcapable of donig that but OhwEL. Oh and stop using anime avattar stolen from gogoe Images.

Stop Swearing in Discord Server

Stop using words "dumb" and "moron", these are horighly offensive to dmb and mr*nic people. Tbis is seroiusyl not cool, and why do you havv eplxict ,material in nthe game, like List and Luluth and Demmon, ewwww. You even use the "r" word, and the "e" word and the "n" word (nuance). Why do oo do this?>

Only know I know with swearing in nDiscxord server, is that Swearing makes the game seem more cool and palyable for edgey new players. In that case I sugges you channge the opening mesge, which is old as helll, that say donig this game is like pushhing a mountain up a bolder, and add some more swears to it.

Ficxks Tutorial

Bad Tutorial confussing and have tooo many popups. You cauld probably make horribl game desoign video making funne of the enture druotiral. Add some sewearr into it, or maybe allow you to make ur own pretendpiece, and put iti nit the ttuorial. That would iwidlwiy improve the game, to have tuotiral show so many new unit kmade by pretender and never actulayilu usable.

Stop Making Dumb Sugstions

From virewing the DIsckord server for 1 year you havve made sugegstoins worse than ANY prietepndidecer:
You want::::

  • Generalized En Passant
  • Pawn +1 value on Start of Game
  • Charm Nuance Militia
  • Truce System
  • Exhaust System

and also say

  • Chess Pieces are Too Puzzlelike and Reduce Defendding Options
  • Fauvor Chess Glass Cannon Pieces Tooo Bad

Ammmong other tetrrible suggestion. All these so stupid, I hope that is alt account pretendding to be you. Maybe put your walet in your mouth aond actuallly add some of ths stupd features, then you wil not loss you loscense. Agan I havee made other thred abot if you run out of ideas for upgrades, and yobelBelive me, you really run out of good ideas a long time ago, best idea you hhv was problayin 2012. The ohhther idea is doing colab with Quantom Protcol to attrac nbew plyares to the game.

Anynyway I hope affter reading this you do somethinng to avoid losisng license, and you givve me 12000 contribution.

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