Any Champion help this minion here to promote?

2개월 전

Joining this community without a CEO avatar profile picture is like walking on the street without any official identity document.

I know I should clean my own butt but isn't champion cover minion on the same side to promote into champion?

Here are my Settings options:

This is Steemit Wallet Settings option, yes option, only preference language is available, and yes I was logged in, other wise Settings page won't be available


This is Steemit Settings options, I have more options here. to change my preference language, nsfw options, and something I don't care for now


This is related to CEO, cause a minion can only stand in the front line while a champion belongs to the back row. Please, I wish to promote to a champion so that I get to make more trouble to the enemy.

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Hi, by curiosity, can you show the url for both?
also your account may just have yet to be approved



This looks like the most likely reason, thank you. Below are the urls

Yeah, that's strange, it shouldn't be hiding deep in a menu, my settings page looks like:



This is how all the Settings page in step by step profile picture changing tutorial looks like

Hi @miyamotohishiro have you figure out how to change your profile photo now? We have blog setting and wallet setting. For profile photo setting, you have to go to blog setting.
I show you with this video


thank you


thank you for trying to help ^_^
his problem has been strange though,
his settings page doesn't look like ours!


my testing in firefox sometimes I can see the page without image upload boxes, but it seems to randomly happen around the time of login and resolve after reloading that page. The only way I can find to intentionally break this is to log in directly on that settings page.

In Opera I cannot get it to break,
but chrome/brave are untested.

Try refreshing settings page a couple times while logged in, if not, see another browser perhaps. This seems to be some type of load order problem that each browser may handle differently.

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